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By Meredith McCulloch

On May 15, 2017, the Selectmen began discussing the implementation of a change in local speed limits. Last spring at the 2017 Annual Town Meeting voters approved acceptance of the Municipal Modernization Act. It allows the Selectmen to establish lower limits than the 30mph which is standard statewide.

The Selectmen can establish a standard 25mph speed limit unless another limit is posted. If adopted signs on all roads entering town would say ““Thickly Settled, 25 mph speed limit townwide unless posted otherwise.”  Currently, all Bedford streets are either in fact thickly settled or are already posted with different speed limits.All the arterial roads leading into town are posted. Some areas of town, such as the Veteran’s Administration Hospital grounds, may require a 20mph limit.

To determine if a different speed is called, for a traffic study would be done to determine the speed most drivers travel. According to Town Manager Richard Reed “It is a traffic engineering principle that 85% of the drivers travel at a safe speed.”

The Selectmen will be providing an opportunity for community input based on recommendations from the Department of Public Works. Please see the attached map showing current speed limits.

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