By Ginni Spencer

September is lush with late summer sunshine and zested with cool nights.  The sound of school buses in the morning once again awakens in all of us thoughts of new beginnings.  What do you want to achieve in the “new year” ahead?  What do you want to explore?  Experiment with? Consider more thoughtfully?

Hey, how about reporting and writing for The Bedford Citizen?

Maybe you’ve wanted more engagement with community life in Bedford – like understanding how the Selectmen or School Committee operates and makes decisions.  You might see this as a step on a personal path to running for local office or becoming a better-informed participant in Town Meeting.  If you like to write and want to explore how to sharpen your skills, The Citizen offers an opportunity to have your submissions reviewed by our team of editors with helpful feedback.  Perhaps you want to experiment with reporting to determine if this is an area you might want to pursue as a full-time career.

The Bedford Citizen pays for regular reporting on key town boards, including Selectmen, School Committee, Planning Board, and Finance Committee.  In addition, we are open to receiving articles on specific events in the life of our town and its many organizations although we cannot pay for such contributions at this time.  But we can offer a by-line if your article is published and you can then add us to your resume.

One last thought: in a recent article in the New York Times, Jason Fried, CEO of Basecamp, a project management software company, was asked about criteria his company uses for hiring.  “Our top hiring criteria – in addition to the skills to do the job – is, are you a great writer?…We like long-form writing where people really think through an idea and present it.”  He goes on to say that Basecamp goes so far as to not even consider applications that arrive without a well-written cover letter.  Yet another reason to consider writing for the skill building opportunity…and The Citizen won’t even charge you a fee if you get the job.

We need writers.  Email for more information.

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