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Founded by Meredith McCulloch, Kim Siebert MacPhail and Julie McCay Turner in June, 2012, The Bedford Citizen exists to publish the important news about Bedford, Massachusetts.

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The Bedford Citizen is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization and
an authorized corporation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

With Thanks to The Bedford Citizen’s Generous 2014-2015 Donors


The Bedford Citizen’s Board of Directors – June 7, 2017


  • Teri Morrow, President
  • Jared J. Wolf, Treasurer
  • Mitch Evans, Clerk

Serving through 2018

  • Robert M. Dorer
  • Meredith McCulloch
  • Jan Shepard
  • Virginia H. Spencer
  • Julie McCay Turner

Serving through 2019

  • Nancy Asbedian
  • Teri Morrow
  • Virginia Packer

Serving through 2020

  • Mitch Evans
  • Gene Kalb
  • Emily Mitchell
  • Sarita Pillai
  • Jared Wolf

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