Election ~ 2017: The Best People Turn Up In the Worst Weather

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The polls will be open until 6 pm today, and your vote is important. If you’ve not gotten out to vote, there’s still time!

The 2017 crop of candidates in today’s town election weren’t the only intrepid souls who braved fresh snow along with the morning’s high winds and below zero wind chill readings. By one pm, more than 300 voters had bundled up and made their way to the polls.


Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Although the weather outside on Saturday may chill you to the bone, bundle up and get out to vote.

The polls open at 8 am in the gymnasium at John Glenn Middle School, and you have until 6 pm to cast your ballot.

If you missed them before, here are links to The Citizen’s coverage:

Election ~ 2017: All the Candidates, All the Articles in One Place

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

With appreciation to all the candidates for sharing their information, and to Bedford voters who are preparing to vote on Saturday, March 11. The polls at the John Glenn Middle School will be open from 8 am until 6 pm.

The Citizen has posted multiple stories about this year’s election.

Election ~ 2017: Letters to the Editor, A Compilation

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Citizen thanks the candidates and the community for this year’s vibrant selection of letters to the editor for Election ~ 2017. Click each candidate’s name to read for basic information, and then on the name of each letter writer to get a personal view of the candidate.

Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Rachel Field and Robin Grace Silbert for Library Trustee

By Lynne O’Connor

As an avid library supporter and trustee of 15 years, I’m excited that Bedford has three strong candidates currently running for Library Trustee: Rachel Field (incumbent), Robin Grace and Sarita Pillai. Since there are only two open seats, however, I’m endorsing Rachel Field and Robin Grace for Library Trustee based on my experience with and utmost confidence in these talented and dedicated community leaders.

Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Rachel Field for Library Trustee

By Robin Grace Silbert

I have known Rachel Field for many years as both a community activist and as a friend. I am an ardent supporter of Rachel and endorse her continued presence on the Bedford Library Board of Trustees not just because of our personal relationship but because she has a proven track record as a passionate, caring, dedicated and thoughtful advocate for those she serves.

Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee

By Hima Naidu

I am writing to tell Bedford voters why I am supporting Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee of the Bedford Free Public Library.

I have known Sarita for about four years now and we met as we researched for day care for our kids and subsequently became friends. I personally know Sarita to be a very dedicated Bedford resident who volunteers her time with the schools, her church and with Bedford’s growing Indian community. Sarita and I have collaborated closely on the Bedford Diwali event and she is a very reliable resource and always comes through. With all the changes that Bedford has experienced in the years I have lived here, I think the timing is excellent for a candidate like Sarita to take on a leadership position with our town and represent the diverse community we have here .

Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Robin Grace Silbert for Library Trustee

By Rachel Field

I am thrilled that there are three outstanding candidates running for the two open positions on the Bedford Free Public Library Board of Trustees. It is a reflection of the remarkable community spirit that is one of the hallmarks of our town.

I have served as a Library Trustee for nine years, and am myself running as the incumbent and Town Caucus candidate. Naturally, I hope I will be elected to serve another term.

But I am endorsing Robin Grace for Library Trustee, and I hope that you vote for her as well. Here’s why:

Election ~ 2017: Letter to the Editor, Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee

By Deepthy Nair

I am writing to voice my support for Sarita Pillai for Library Trustee. Through volunteer work for a local Indian cultural event, I know Sarita to be passionate about anything she takes on. She is a very organized and detail-oriented person who gives of her time to both school and community activities on a regular basis. We have many mutual family friends, as do our children, and I know Sarita and her family to be warm and caring Bedford community members.

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