Letter to the Editor, August 10, 2017 – RE: Seeking Answers from Massport

By Rick Liou

The concerns that Patty Dahlgren has voiced impact all of us, not just the ~100 in attendance on the evening of 7/31 or the 350+ members active on the special Bedford Facebook group. Truth is, there are still Bedford residents just learning about what has transpired these past few weeks, and people are shocked and disheartened at how the community was so largely kept in the dark.

Not everyone is as brave as Patty. She is absolutely not the only one who wants answers! I commend her for leading the charge and for her energy and persistence in getting us the answers that were promised. Despite not being as public, engaged or vocal, many residents deeply appreciate her continued efforts to champion our concerns – just as we all appreciate our town officials and police department for stepping up to ensure the safety and interests of the community.

Hanscom Runway Resurfacing Project: Online Update ~ August 10, 2017

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Massport released its Phase II update a day early, on Thursday, August 10 this week. Phase II begins on August 11 and will last through August 19.

Progress Report Project Completion: 34%

From 6 pm on Friday, August 11 through 6 am on Monday, August 14, the contractor will be milling, rubblizing, paving, and striping the intersection of runways 11-29 and 05-23. This work will be performed continuously throughout the 60-hour closure.

Hanscom Runway Resurfacing Project: Online Update ~ August 4, 2017

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Active work on Hanscom runway 11-29 began on Monday, August 1. By Friday, August 4 the project was well underway, with Massport’s weekly online update noting that the overall project is 15% complete. The surface milling component of the project is at 65% completion, with 2,500 tons of asphalt installed according to the update.

A Visible Presence is Monitoring Heavy-Duty Haulers on South Road

By Julie McCay Turner

Following up on Chief Robert Bongiorno’s promise to the community that the Bedford Police would be responsive, officers were active on Thursday morning as the first heavy-duty dump trucks, more properly known as haul trucks, arrived at Hanscom Field’s South Road staging area, collecting materials milled in resurfacing runway 11-29.

Bedford patrols stopped several operators of trucks that were driving at “high rates of speed” and issued verbal warnings. Additional signage will be installed, along with continued patrols. A portable traffic speed monitoring unit will be installed to track compliance.

Hanscom Runway Resurfacing Project: At the July 31 Community Information Meeting

By Dot Bergin and Julie McCay Turner

The July 31 Public Information Session to hear last-minute community concerns about the Hanscom Field runway paving project drew a fully-engaged crowd of residents. They gathered on the steps of Town Hall, at 6:15 pm for the 6:45 pm start, and nearly filled the Multi-Purpose Room before the meeting began.Scheduled to end at 7:30, spirited participation kept the conversation lively until shortly before 9 pm.

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