Letter to the Editor, August 25, 2017: To the Selectmen ~ Impact of Massport Runway Resurfacing on Bedford Residents

By Bob Dorer

Editor’s Note: Mr. Dorer, a member of The Bedford Citizen’s board of directors, sent this message to the Bedford Selectmen and Town Manager Richard Reed on August 22, 2017

Thank you for hosting the second special meeting on the topic of the Massport Hanscom Field repaving project last night. Given the need for you to adjourn to your normally scheduled meeting and the number of townspeople who are far more impacted than we are on Otis St (our impact is mostly just noise-related, although that is significant – planes and some very noisy machinery running throughout some nights) I decided to write rather than take up valuable time during the comment period.

Letter to the Editor, August 19, 2017: The Antiracism March and My Heart

By Sandra Hackman

When I heard that people were planning a march to say no to the Nazism on display in Charlottesville and a rally in Boston by white supremacists Saturday, I decided not to go. I knew I did not want to get involved in any situation that could turn violent. Besides, what difference would one more person make?

Then a friend from Boston said she wanted to be counted. That notion haunted me as I couldn’t sleep that night. When she proposed leaving the march just short of the Common to avoid any violent confrontation, I began to reconsider. Then a mutual friend from Vermont called and said she was thinking of participating for the same reasons.

Letter to the Editor, August 18, 2017 – Boston Sports Club in Lexington Not Closing

By Marybeth Kelly
General Manager, Boston Sports Clubs Lexington

In response to rumors and misrepresentations in print, I am grateful for the opportunity to state for the record that the Boston Sports Clubs Lexington is NOT closing. Our current lease is not up for renewal until 2020. As we have done so many times in the past, we have every expectation of renewing the lease in the future.

Letter to the Editor, August 10, 2017 – RE: Seeking Answers from Massport

By Rick Liou

The concerns that Patty Dahlgren has voiced impact all of us, not just the ~100 in attendance on the evening of 7/31 or the 350+ members active on the special Bedford Facebook group. Truth is, there are still Bedford residents just learning about what has transpired these past few weeks, and people are shocked and disheartened at how the community was so largely kept in the dark.

Not everyone is as brave as Patty. She is absolutely not the only one who wants answers! I commend her for leading the charge and for her energy and persistence in getting us the answers that were promised. Despite not being as public, engaged or vocal, many residents deeply appreciate her continued efforts to champion our concerns – just as we all appreciate our town officials and police department for stepping up to ensure the safety and interests of the community.

Letter to the Editor, July 10, 2017: Joe Damery’s Memories of Bedford’s Old Horse Trough

By Joe Damery

Just recently while thinking about a Stone-Horse-Trough that once stood at the corner of South Road and Loomis Street . . . I went into the Town Forest and checked out that restored and very beautiful trough, much resembling the Unit I and other Kids of my Era Played with . . . Knowing that it Also had been moved to the Town Dump just kind of wondered of the coincidence of the New Engraved Memorial Unit.

Letter to the Editor, June 26, 2017: Update on Bedford’s Gas Leaks

By Kristina Phillipson, Mothers out Front, Bedford

This summer, the State’s Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy (TUE) will consider the Consumer Cost Protection Bill (H.2683 / S.1845) to address the problems caused by harmful natural gas leaks in the Commonwealth. The bill will give all the state’s gas utilities an incentive to use accurate measurement tools, fix super emitters first and gradually eliminate leaks over a 6 year period. The legislation will also stop the practice of billing consumers for leaked gas.

Letter to the Editor – June 13, 2017: Supporting S2000/HR669, Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017

By Shawn Hanegan and Chris Gittins, Co-Chairs, Bedford Democratic Town Committee

At a recent meeting of the Bedford Democratic Town Committee, the twelve members present voted unanimously to petition Congressman Seth Moulton to support a Bill that would remove the President’s authority to order a first strike with nuclear weapons without a vote of the U.S. Congress.

The Bill, entitled “Restricting Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” S200/HR669 was introduced by Senator Edward Markey, and is the subject of recent petitions making the rounds in the Commonwealth.

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