Letter to the Editor, July 10, 2017: Joe Damery’s Memories of Bedford’s Old Horse Trough

By Joe Damery

Just recently while thinking about a Stone-Horse-Trough that once stood at the corner of South Road and Loomis Street . . . I went into the Town Forest and checked out that restored and very beautiful trough, much resembling the Unit I and other Kids of my Era Played with . . . Knowing that it Also had been moved to the Town Dump just kind of wondered of the coincidence of the New Engraved Memorial Unit.

Letter to the Editor, June 26, 2017: Update on Bedford’s Gas Leaks

By Kristina Phillipson, Mothers out Front, Bedford

This summer, the State’s Joint Committee on Telecommunication, Utilities and Energy (TUE) will consider the Consumer Cost Protection Bill (H.2683 / S.1845) to address the problems caused by harmful natural gas leaks in the Commonwealth. The bill will give all the state’s gas utilities an incentive to use accurate measurement tools, fix super emitters first and gradually eliminate leaks over a 6 year period. The legislation will also stop the practice of billing consumers for leaked gas.

Letter to the Editor – June 13, 2017: Supporting S2000/HR669, Restricting First Use of Nuclear Weapons Act of 2017

By Shawn Hanegan and Chris Gittins, Co-Chairs, Bedford Democratic Town Committee

At a recent meeting of the Bedford Democratic Town Committee, the twelve members present voted unanimously to petition Congressman Seth Moulton to support a Bill that would remove the President’s authority to order a first strike with nuclear weapons without a vote of the U.S. Congress.

The Bill, entitled “Restricting Use of Nuclear Weapons Act” S200/HR669 was introduced by Senator Edward Markey, and is the subject of recent petitions making the rounds in the Commonwealth.

Letter to the Editor, June 5, 2017: Reduced Speed Limits

By Andy Wood

Thank you, Mr. Manugian for informing us about the Reduced Speed Limits study.

In my opinion, you are addressing the wrong problem. The biggest problem in town is not speeding, it is heavy traffic congestion which is getting worse and gradually shrinking the amount of time each day when one can actually drive around Bedford somewhat unimpeded.

Letter to the Editor, April 24, 2017: ‘The Promise’ a New Film about the Armenian Genocide

By Kathryn Eskandarian

The making and release of the new movie, The Promise, is truly significant. This is the first major motion picture made about the Armenian Genocide, in which 1.5 million Armenians were murdered by the Turkish Government in 1915. This crime, the first genocide of the 20th century, continues to be denied by the Turkish Government to this day. There have been various attempts to bring this historical event to mainstream movie theaters throughout the years, but all have failed due to Turkey’s overt political pressure to prevent this. The most famous was the movie, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh based on Franz Werfel’s well-known novel. MGM was in pre-production in 1934 when the Turkish Government and subsequently U.S. State Department brought enormous pressure to bear on Louis B. Mayer, who eventually decided not to proceed with the project.

Annual Town Meeting ~ 2017, Letter to the Editor: April 1, 2017 – Response to Bedford’s Plastic Bag Ban

By Katie Luczai

When we, as a town, decided to ban the sale of single-use plastic bags, what is it saying about our environmental action and our values?

On Tuesday, March 28, 2017, the town of Bedford banned the sale of thin-film, single-use bags. As a resident of Bedford, a student, and an environmentalist, this measure makes me optimistic and should be given the support it deserves. This letter is to affirm and gain more widespread support for this massively beneficial town movement.

Letter to the Editor, March 28, 2017: Town Meeting: To Be Continued by Brenda Kenahan

By Brenda Kenahan

On a typical late afternoon at the Kenahan house, I’m usually caught in the never-ending, multi-tasking vortex of stay-at-home parenting. All my unfinished tasks have lost their 9 am optimism of completion and the unfolded loads of laundry seem to be settling in for another night of mocking me from the couch. My three boys, ages 14, 12 and 7, are home from or getting ready to head to, team practices. They need dinner, homework help or SOMETHING at every turn. When 7:30 graciously rolls around, my husband is prepping the 7-year-old for bed, and I can throw on my pajamas and finally take a minute to breathe. I imagine it’s the same with parents everywhere. Sometimes, if I listen really hard, I swear I can hear the corks popping simultaneously all over town.

But last night, instead of settling in with a glass of my favorite Pinot Grigio, I took myself to Town Meeting.

Letter to the Editor, March 23, 2017: Annual Town Meeting, Bring the Neighbors by Sarah Scoville

By Sarah Scoville

Last March instead of putting the Bedford Town Warrant directly into the recycling bin I sat down and read it. With a highlighter, no less! I was specifically looking for the article explaining the Lane School Expansion. While searching for the Lane article I was surprised to find that there was another article proposing new sidewalks in front of my house. I was ready to go to Bedford Town Meeting with a big knitting project and informed about what I cared about. Then I started thinking about how to get others there.

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