B LOVE: Collecting Bikes for Botswana – Drop-Off in Bedford through July 24

Submitted by Elizabeth, Sergei, Lily and Nikita Nemirovsky

Last year our family collected over 60 bikes IN ONE DAY for a local, grassroots organization called Bikes 4 Humanity. They collect bikes for communities in Africa, and the Boston chapter we work with collects specifically to send to Botswana.

The bikes we collected last Spring are nearly ready to be shipped but there’s still room in the large container and we’re trying to fill it to the max as it is very costly to send to Africa.

Bedford Kids Get Taste of Colonial Life

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Job Lane House was the setting recently for 11 Bedford youngsters to live, work, and play for a week as Colonial kids would have done. Under the guidance of Betsey Anderson, Judy Barber, Don Corey, Ralph Hammond, Sharon McDonald, and Lee Yates, with assistance from Jeff Carter, Peter Corey, Roy and Shirley Kring, and John Linz the children did every task from churning butter to spinning wool and raking hay. In between their chores, they learned how colonial kids had fun by mastering the technique of walking on stilts, kite flying, and hoop rolling.

Reviving an Independence Day Tradition in Bedford

By Julie McCay Turner

For many, many years John Filios, a long-standing member of the Bedford Minuteman Company, read the Declaration of Independence at noon on the Fourth of July.

The tradition was mentioned to Jon ‘OC’ O’Connor a couple of weeks ago. Learning that Filios, who celebrated his 100th birthday in October, 2016, would be unable to participate this year, O’Connor took on the project.

Skittleworms and their Trophy Return from Destination Imagination Globals

By Linda White

After recently spending time with the Skittleworms, the Destination Imagination (DI) team which placed third at the Global competition in Knoxville, TN, it was difficult to use only one word to describe them. Talented, animated, creative, high energy and smart are a few of the descriptors that readily came to mind after meeting the six members of the Skittleworms team. However, you should also know how funny, generous, respectful, considerate, and mature they are for their age.

Residents Travel to State House for Sen. Barrett’s Hearing on Carbon Pricing Bills

By Kristina Philipson, Sue Swanson, and Renu Bostwick, On behalf of the Bedford Mothers Out Front team

Bedford Mothers Out Front members and other Bedford residents attended a hearing on June 20 for two carbon pricing bills [S.1821 and H. 1726] now before the State’s Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy. The packed State House auditorium drew advocates from a cross section of interest groups and experts from academia. Faculty, scientists, clergy, community and industry representatives addressed the economic and environmental impacts of a fee on carbon emissions in Massachusetts.

Bedford TV’s First Host/Volunteer Meet-up

Submitted by Bedford TV

It was opposites day at Bedford TV. Show hosts moved behind the scenes and the crew moved in front of the camera to take a turn being the on air talent.

At the first monthly Meetup at Bedford TV on Tuesday, June 13th, members gathered at the studio and experienced first-hand a very different side of their usual Roles. The goal of the Meetup is to provide a venue for Bedford TV volunteers (hosts and crew) to network and learn new skills.

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