Planning Board Reviews Prince Street Café Plans and Saint Michael’s Church Driveway Improvements

By Lauren Ellis

The Bedford Planning Board continued a public hearing about a special permit for the Prince Street Café on Tuesday, April 10. The proposed café at 36 North Road would allow a bakery, a café, and a single second-floor apartment. The non-conforming lot was once home to Fitzgerald’s Package Store in a building which will be demolished. After reviewing both the original and more recent, edited, plans for the site the board ultimately decided to allow the requested special permit, with contingencies.

Planning Board Considers Café Plan for 36 North Road

By Lauren Ennis

When the Planning Board met on Tuesday, March 20, they reopened a public hearing regarding a special permit for 36 North Road, to allow construction of a café and bakery. While the Planning Board praised the changes that had been made to the plan since the previous meeting, concerns remained regarding the parking lot. According to the proposed plan, the building would contain 36 seats and the parking lot would contain 12 spaces for customers.

Great Road Business Zoning: Articles 8, 9, and 10

Submitted by the Bedford Planning Board In 2016, recognizing that commercial development patterns along the Great Road no longer reflect the quality and character that we want for our town, the citizens of Bedford at Town Meeting voted to enable the Planning Board to...

The Lights are on at Pine Hill Crossing

Submitted by Francis DeCoste
Chief Operating Officer, TRAdvisors, Inc.

The rebirth of the former Coast Guard housing project along Pine Hill Road has begun as residents begin to occupy the long-vacant homes. Responding to the plan in a Request for Proposals by the Town of Bedford, TR Advisors of Boston purchased the property in April of 2017 and immediately began the first phase of the project, the renovation of twelve of the existing homes. Renovations included new kitchens, granite countertops, flooring, appliances, updated bathrooms, and have been freshly painted. Some units have had an additional bathroom and central HVAC added. The first residents moved in during the month of January and include a mix of ownership and rental units.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Great Road Zoning Project ~ 2016-2016

Submitted by the Bedford Planning Board, in collaboration with the Bedford Chamber of Commerce

In 2016, recognizing that commercial development patterns along The Great Road no longer reflected the quality and character that we want for our town, the citizens of Bedford voted to enable the Planning Board to conduct a complete “soup to nuts” review, analysis and if necessary, overhaul of its outdated, 1970’s-era business zoning. As a result of this endeavor, the Planning Board is proposing a new set of business zoning bylaws that is sensitive to the distinctive personality of The Great Road corridor and our town. The proposed bylaws are nearly complete and will be presented at Annual Town Meeting in March. Below are some questions about the bylaws that are on peoples’ minds…

Short Takes from the Planning Board: Great Road Rezoning’s 3rd Public Hearing on February 6 plus Pine Hill Overlay Zoning

By Dot Bergin

At a second public hearing on January 31, the Planning Board worked for more than three hours on recrafting the text of the Great Road Rezoning Bylaw (Section 22, Great Road District) The Board again took comments from residents who wished to speak, although the number who turned out was less than at the first public hearing. Members of RKG, the consultants involved in reviewing and writing the proposed bylaw, were also there to work with the Board.

Great Road Business District and Pine Hill Crossing Zoning Proposals ~ Important Public Hearing ~ Tuesday, January 23

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

The Planning Board will host a pair of important public hearings on Tuesday, January 23.

At 7:30 pm, the board will present concepts for the four business zones they have defined along The Great Road and hear public comment on related adjustments to the zoning map. Then at 8:45 pm they will discuss changes to the Pine Hill Crossing zoning article to be considered at Annual Town Meeting in March.

Planning Board Re-Writes Proposed Zoning Bylaw; Public Hearing on Section 21 Set for January 23

By Dot Bergin

At its January 16 meeting, the Planning Board reviewed line by line Section 21 of the proposed Zoning Bylaws-Military Housing Reuse Overlay District- which went down to defeat at the November Special Town Meeting. The Board agreed unanimously to make the bylaw “site-specific,” applicable only to the former Coast Guard property now known as Pine Hill Crossing Condominiums. References to the Military Overlay District will be removed from the article and it will be re-titled before presentation at the March Annual Town Meeting.

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