Davis Road Boardwalk Is Moving Forward

By Debra Parkhurst

Town Engineer Adrienne St. John and resident Lisa Freed reviewed the latest developments regarding the Davis Road Boardwalk project during the Selectmen’s meeting on December 18.

The stretch of Davis Road running from Revolutionary Road up to Concord Road (across from St. Michael’s) has long been considered unsafe for walkers and bicyclists. Davis Road cuts right through White Cedar Swamp in this area. In recent years, neighborhoods have grown, as has traffic.

Selectmen to Review Non-Medical Marijuana Option; Planning Board and Finance Committee Have Already Weighed In

By Meredith McCulloch

On Monday night the Selectmen will decide whether to include in the warrant for Special Town Meeting articles for a general bylaw and a zoning bylaw that, if approved, would prohibit growing, processing, or sale of non-medical marijuana in town. A third article would place a moratorium on marijuana establishments for one year. This week, in anticipation of Town Meeting, the Planning Board, and Finance Committee have already discussed the proposed bylaws and taken a position on each.

Seeking Better Information, Selectman Request Meeting with Massport Officials

By Meredith McCulloch

Dissatisfied with the poor communication from Massport around the recent Hanscom Field runway resurfacing project and its impact on the town, Chair Margot Fleischman wrote to Michael Glynn, CEO of the Massachusetts Port Authority (Massport), on behalf of the Selectmen. After acknowledging MassPort’s authority over the airport, she wrote “when plans were developed that almost exclusively affected Bedford among the Hanscom area towns, a conversation should have begun immediately to determine how best to handle the impacts and prepare our town. Unfortunately, this did not happen.”

The letter was approved at the September 18 meeting. Click this link to read the entire letter:

New ad hoc Community Gardens Taskforce is Seeking Members

Submitted by the Town of Bedford

At their meeting on September 18, 2017, the Bedford Selectmen approved the charge for a new ad hoc Community Gardens Study Taskforce. The Task Force is charged with determining the feasibility of improving and/or expanding community gardens at the Jordan Conservation area and/or evaluating other Town-owned properties, such as 350A Concord Road, as possible locations to develop new community gardens appropriate for growing food.

Kindness Rocks the Selectmen

By Debra Parkhurst

The Selectmen heard a proposal for a “Kindness Rocks” installation for Bedford at their meeting on September 5.

Bedford resident Elena Pellegrino proposes to create a public area where decorated rocks, conveying positive messages, can be gathered and shared. Individuals and groups can create messages that can be viewed or shared, added to or removed. Pellegrino said the program promotes positive energy and kindness and has been successful in other communities. The location suggested by Town Manager Rick Reed is on the Narrow Gauge Rail Trail between Loomis Street and the Great Road, a trail used widely by walkers, dog walkers, and cyclists.

Small Increase in Water and Sewer Rates Recommended

By Meredith McCulloch

“The recommended water and sewer rate increase for FY2018 at 1.2%, is the lowest since FY2013,” according to Finance Director Victor Garofalo. The recommendation and detailed analysis of costs were presented to the Selectman on July 17. Rates are based on projected costs of supplying water to residents. No increase in the irrigation rate for outdoor watering was recommended by Garofalo.

Bedford Chooses Good Energy for Community Choice Aggregation

By Debra Parkhurst

At their meeting on May 30, with the advice of the Bedford Energy Task Force, Bedford Selectmen joined with MAPC (Metropolitan Area Planning Council) in their choice of Good Energy as the “selected vendor” for consulting services for Community Electricity Aggregation. Good Energy works for communities to procure lower prices for electricity by going to national energy providers. It already provides aggregations for 290,000 households and 745,000 residents in Massachusetts with another nine communities under agreement.

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