Influenza is on the Rise – Flu Shots are Available at the Board of Health

Submitted by the Bedford Board of Health

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the Massachusetts Department of Public health report that flu activity is widespread across the U.S., including Massachusetts, with the peak part of flu season rapidly approaching.

The CDC recommends a yearly flu vaccine for everyone 6 months and older as flu viruses are likely to continue circulating for weeks. Anyone not vaccinated this season, should receive it now. The Bedford Board of Health still has flu vaccine available; call 781-275-6507to make an appointment.

The flu virus is easily spread through droplets of saliva and mucus from the nose and mouth of someone who coughs or sneezes. If you are close enough to a person with the flu (3-to-6 feet) when they cough or sneeze, you can breathe in the virus and get sick. Flu symptoms start 1-4 days (usually 2 days) after a person breathes in the virus.

Bedford’s New Memory Cafe to Launch in January

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Thanks to the generous support of the Friends of the Bedford Council on Aging, Carleton-Willard Village and individual donations, CESI (Cooperative Elder Services, Inc. a local adult day care health provider) and the Bedford COA will host Bedford’s inaugural Memory Café on Tuesday, January 30 from 10 am until noon in the Flint Room on the second floor of the Town Center Building, 12 Mudge Way.

On the fourth Tuesday of each month, Bedford’s Memory Café will welcome individuals living with dementia, along with their caregivers, in a relaxed, -free environment to experience a sense of community and enjoy activities tailored to their interests.

Springs Brook Park: 2018 Season Update

By Elizabeth Hacala

The Recreation Commission met on January 10 to review Springs Brook Park (SBP).The meeting began with a review of the 2017 SBP season with park Director Matt Mulrooney and Assistant Director Braden Chagnon.

There was a consensus among the Commission and Recreation staff that the uncertainty around whether or not the park would open in 2017 hurt membership considerably. There was an uptick in memberships last year, yet attendance stayed lighter than expected. A big contributor to the lower attendance last year was poor weather, especially on Saturdays, and although Sundays were generally nicer days, the park was closed on Sundays. In response to public input last year, the park opened two weeks prior to the end of school. The attendance was very low for those two weeks.

Bedford’s DPW Prepares for Weekend Thaw, Rain, and Freeze – Including Catch Basin Location Maps!

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Bedford DPW’s Highway Division is taking advantage of Friday morning’s warm temperatures — in the upper-50s — to clear catch basins in preparation for anticipated torrential rain from a significant storm moving up the coast.

The department is also geared up to address the freezing conditions expected to follow when the rain ends and temperatures plummet in a ‘flash freeze’ on Saturday.

All 6 of Bedford’s 6 sanders will be loaded and ready to make Bedford’s roads safe when the temperature drops.

IT IS NOT TOO LATE: Flu Shots Are Available at the Board of Health

Submitted by the Bedford Board of Health

We are approaching peak flu season in Massachusetts and getting vaccinated is the best way to prevent getting the flu. The Bedford Board of Health has vaccines available to help protect you, including a limited number of high-dose formulations available for those 65 and older.

Keeping the Peace, January 2018: Honor Martin Luther King on January 15, and Every Day

Submitted by Mike Rosenberg and Bedford Embraces Diversity

Bedford Embraces Diversity, nearing its fourth anniversary, has organized the second annual breakfast in celebration of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Board members are excited about the event, which manifests the group’s mission of “increasing awareness and understanding of community diversity.”

The public event will be held on Monday, January 15, beginning at 9:30 a.m. at the First Church of Christ, Congregational. The program features testimony from Bedford High School METCO alumni and songs by one of the region’s premier Gospel soloists. Last year’s breakfast sold out, so reservations are required, by writing or calling 781-983-1763.

Bedford Embraces Diversity, the breakfast and program, and the fellowship they represent, are components of our town’s contributions to the grand vision that Dr. King called “The Beloved Community.”

Letter to the Editor, January 10, 2017: Hartford/Crescent/Bacon as a One-Way Street?

By Joan Mahoney

I am writing regarding the conceptual design report presented November 14, for Hartford Street/Crescent Avenue/Bacon Road area. [Click this link to read the consultant’s report.] I live at 21 Bacon Road. I agree that traffic is an issue throughout the corridor and sidewalks and road calming efforts are necessary to make the road safer. I strongly disagree to making the corridor a one way street.

My sense from the meeting the other night is there is a core group of 4-5 families from Hartford Street pushing for this. They would not be as adversely affected as residents on the Bacon Road end of the corridor. It is unacceptable that to return to my house during peak travel times, my options would be to use Webber Ave or sit on South Road for extended periods. Also, being unable to ever exit Bacon Road onto Great Road is ridiculous.

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