Updates –and thanks—from The Bedford Citizen

Dear Bedford,

The Bedford Citizen has enjoyed an outstanding outpouring of support since it first appeared on June 14.  The enthusiasm our readers and the community have shown has been both humbling and gratifying, and we want to share our appreciation and amazement with you.

The community has read The Citizen’s stories, commented on them, expressed their appreciation, suggested story ideas and submitted articles.

Several people have stepped forward as reporters who will soon start to cover different aspects of community news.  An experienced journalist has volunteered to give orientation workshops for our new reporters. So here’s your invitation: if you have an area of interest, and would like to join us as a regular or occasional writer, don’t be shy—we would like to talk with you.

Our website analysis tells us there have been more than 4,500 pages views by nearly 600 people, and our Facebook and Twitter numbers continue to grow.   Thank you for your attention and support, and please keep on reading and commenting and keeping things lively!

Our vision statement, below, helps explain why The Citizen exists and what it aims to accomplish:

The Bedford Citizen is an online, community-supported local news source that pledges to provide reliable and accurate reporting about issues and events that affect understanding of and engagement in small town democracy. It will be a center for information on the many local groups that enhance the cultural and social fabric of the community. It is the goal of The Bedford Citizen to create a civil meeting place for matters of importance to those who live or work in the community.

Especially with the September primary and November elections coming up, The Bedford Citizen declares—loudly and clearly—it is non-partisan and impartial.

We pledge to report all manner of community news in as unbiased a way as possible because we believe that Bedford wants clear and accurate information so our readers can make up their own minds about the issues we face as a community.  But, should we miss a vital perspective in our coverage, we trust that you will share your point of view—on matters both large and small.

The Citizen is moving forward to officially become a self-sustaining non-profit organization.  If you have an interest in working with us to establish this solid foundation for our future, please let us know.

Thank you, Bedford, for being an inspirational, thoughtful, involved and caring community.

It is our pleasure to live here and to do what we do, but it would not be possible without such a remarkable level of support from you.


Julie, Kim and Meredith

Keep our journalism strong! Support The Citizen Journalism Fund today. Contact The Bedford Citizen: editor@thebedfordcitizen.org or 781-325-8606

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