LBH Raiders Round-Up

Submitted by Lisa Smith for the Lexington-Bedford-Hanscom Raiders

The Lexington-Bedford-Hanscom Raiders are Pop Warner teams. For additional information, click this link.


The Lexington/Bedford/Hanscom Raiders E team went to 3-0 with a win over Woburn of 27-6.  Overall, during the game, the Raiders had 12 first downs and Woburn only had 4 first downs.  The Raiders rushed for over 220 yards while Woburn was not able to break 100 yards.

Octavio Sanrame began the day with a solid kick that Shunsuke Isobe ran down the field and made a solo tackle to set the tempo.

Oddly enough after Shunsuke’s amazing tackle on the fourth play of the game, Woburn connected on a 70-yard touchdown run to go up 6-0, but that was the last time Woburn had the lead or saw the Raiders end of the field.

On the Raiders first possession Matt Kazangian broke through with a 5-yard touchdown run to tie the game. Declan Garrity made the extra point.On the day Matt Kazangian had 7 carries for 77 yards and 2 touchdowns. Declan Garrity scored three extra points for the day and had a 15-yard touchdown run; two by the way of a pass to Aidan Lynch and two were made on runs. Defensively, Woburn could do nothing after the first series and managed only one other series when they got a first down.

For the defensive end, Lucas Viana kept the play inside with corners Declan Garrity and Jecha Wright making key tackles once again on anything that Woburn tried to get to the outside.

Thomas Chisholm, Bradyn Potter, Gage McCool, Yavanni Ensley, Octavio Sanrame, Matt Kazangian and Caleb Beverly who came in the second half of the game played very well. Special teams kicker Octavio Sanrame did a nice job and Matthew Kazangian and Shunsuke Isobe continue to play strong on special teams.  There were also some incredible key tackles by Nicholas Loya, Lucas Viana, Declan Garrity and Jecha Wright. Timmy Vadnais who had 9 carries for 40 yards, Matthew Kazangian who had 5 tackles, Declan Garrity and Yavanni Ensley who had 4 tackles and some key blocks kept the Raiders team fired up.

The Raiders broke it open before halftime as Jecha Wright made a nice rush on a huge 3rd and 8 running for 44 yards down the left sideline.  Jecha had 9 carries for 101 yards that happened to be his 3rd straight 100-yard game.

The Raiders offensive line was tremendous opening up holes with Ryan Greenberg at center, Aidan Pompi, Aidan Lynch, Billy Marcin, Yavanni Ensley, Evan Sebastian, Nikhil Belgaonkar, Matthew Ursino, Colin Winn and Finn Sullivan.

The Raiders E team hopes to continue their winning streak when they face Burlington at Burlington High School this Sunday, September 30.


The Lexington/Bedford/Hanscom Raiders D team struggled throughout the game against Woburn resulting in a 30-0 loss.  Woburn won the toss and chose to kick off to the Raiders who were not able find their rhythm during the game.  The ball was turned over on downs and Woburn scored on a 40-yard run and kicked the extra point for an 8-0 lead.  Unable to get the offense to gel, the Raiders turned the ball over again on downs.  Woburn answered with a 30-yard run in, another score and kicked in another 2 making the game 16-0 in favor of Woburn.  The game seemed repetitive as the Raiders went three and out and Woburn again had the ball.  This time, a glimmer of hope shone for the offense when Tyler Beverly recovered a fumble deep in the Raiders territory.  Unfortunately, the Raiders fumbled and Woburn recovered deep in the Raiders territory.  This time, the Raiders defense of Ethan Plantilla, Luke Eriksson, Logan Weisz, Brandon Wilkins, Matthew Styles and Hudson Kortbus held solid and the Raiders offense came on the field ready to go.  A few passes by quarterback Nick Johnson looked promising, be he was unable to connect with any of his receivers.  Woburn again took over and pushed in from the 2-yard line leaving the score at half time 24-0.

The second half looked like more of the same as the first half, but with a few exceptions.  Cam McGuire tried to spark the offense with a phenomenal catch from Johnson, but the momentum died out.  The third quarter was scoreless, but Woburn scored on the opening drive of the fourth quarter for a 30-0 score.

Saturday, September 29, the Raiders hope to turn the outcome around when they face Burlington under the lights at Burlington High School at 6 pm.


The Lexington/Bedford/Hanscom Raiders C team remains unbeaten at 3-0 as it handed Woburn its first loss of the season, 21-8. The game was not as close as the score indicates. If not for a couple of Raiders turnovers in the first few drives, the game would have been over by halftime. Woburn managed to get on the scoreboard and end their scoring drought with 45 seconds left in the game.

The Raiders dominated the game fighting off the Woburn front for the entire game. The Raiders lineman Shane Meyer, Matthew Pusatere, Kase Cronin, James Murray, Alexi Panagiotou, Maxwell Stevens, Lucas Honohan, Ryan Lobo, Ryan McElwee and Korben Whitt-Leitner gave their running backs plenty of room to run.Ben Quint had a huge game for the Raiders as he sliced his way to a multiple touchdown game. Joseph Greaney kept the defense honest with many hard-earned runs up the middle as he dragged Woburn opponents with him on every carry. Sal Frelick and William Pataki ran hard and often as the Raiders moved the ball throughout the game.

The Raiders defense was not to be overshadowed by the offense as it smothered Woburn all game, forcing Woburn to punt on almost every possession. Defensive standout, John Marcin put on a tackling clinic every time Woburn tried to get around the corner on his side of the ball. Joseph Tibbles, who switched to nose guard, had a solid game as he and fellow defensive lineman Aiden Herzog, Sean Sullivan and Aaron Sousa stuffed the middle. Mark Anthony Mcreed, who is also known as Malachi, continues to improve every week on the defensive side of the ball. Malachi viciously pursued Woburn runners closing any daylight the runners might have seen and ending the runner’s hopes of a large gain.

The Raiders C team travels to Burlington this Saturday, September 29, to play in their first night game of the season.


The Lexington/Bedford/Hanscom Raiders B team struggled against the Woburn powerhouse in a loss of 31-0.  Despite the score, the Raiders B team who has many newcomers to the game of football has shown improvement over the past several weeks.

The Raiders offensive line continues to make strides in protecting their quarterback and providing running lanes for their backs. Offensive lineman Thomas Briggs, Isaiah Hazelton, Jared Patterson, Ben Mitchell, Alex Puglielli, Ryan Reisig, Jack Heretz, and Paul Murray battled the Woburn defense, and at times, opened up some nice holes for their running backs. Though the Raiders team didn’t manage to reach the end zone, they did put together a few nice drives throughout the game.

Defensive lineman, Ryan Reisig, provided a much-needed spark to the Raiders defense. Woburn faced a long 3rd down in the 2nd quarter when Ryan broke through the line and crushed the Woburn quarterback from his blindside forcing a fumble. The Raiders recovered for their first turnover of the season. A newcomer to the Raiders roster, Nathan Harrington, made an excellent play on defense in the 3rd quarter when he shed his block from the nose guard position and tackled the Woburn runner at the line of scrimmage.

The Raiders B team travels to Cambridge this Sunday, September 30,looking for their first win of the season.