School Committee Approves Superintendent’s Goals

By Kim Siebert MacPhail

Following a presentation on the evening of September 4, the School Committee voted unanimously on September 18 to approve Superintendent Jon Sill’s goals for the coming academic year.

Sills’ goals are organized in six categories: Governance and Leadership; Curriculum and Instruction; Assessment and Evaluation; Student and Academic Support; Human Resources and Professional Development; and Finance and Asset Management. The Superintendent also included a timeline for implementation as well as an indication of which school(s) the goals are targeted toward.

A sampling of goals under the first heading, Governance and Leadership, includes:

  • Implement the new teacher evaluation system to achieve a common vision of what all students should know and be able to do, based on the mission statement.
  • Hire a new principal for Davis School and a new Assistant Superintendent.
  • Implement new federal nutrition standards.
  • All students at Lane School will experience a friendly and respectful environment.
  • Daily classroom meetings and a more transparent discipline plan (BHS Guidance and Behaviorist.)
  • Create a committee at JGMS to determine whether the JGMS schedule meets current/future needs.

Some of the Curriculum and Instruction goals are:

  • Build a coherent, district-wide understanding of and commitment to student-centered instruction as a best practice.
  • Implement Lucy Calkins Writing Program at Davis.
  • Create district-wide collaboration in support of math achievement for underachieving populations.
  • Implement new enVision math program in grades 3 and 4.

In the Assessment and Evaluation category, two of the goals are:

  • Continue to review midterms and finals policy at BHS
  • Continue to develop common or equivalent project assessments that engage students’ thinking and measure achievement of school-wide academic expectations.

Some of the goals in the area of Student and Academic Supportare:

  • Expand mandatory homework help for chronic ninth grade homework avoidance.
  • Continue to examine how to best advantage our students in the college admissions process while maintaining our academic integrity.
  • Explore ways to strengthen tolerant and empathetic student culture to address bullying behaviors. (BHS)
  • Promote a sense of pride in and responsibility for the physical environment of the school campus. (BHS)
  • Further expand support for JGMS students who struggle to succeed.
  • Institute all-school monthly meetings to strengthen Davis School culture.

In the Human Resources and Professional Development category, a sampling of the Superintendent’s goals includes:

  • Continue staff education regarding social/emotional issues and the impact on education. (All schools)
  • Continue to provide professional development to strengthen staff knowledge of the challenges facing military families and their children.
  • Provide professional development on Aspen for all Davis staff.

And finally, in the last category—Finance and Asset Management—the goals include:

  • Implement and track the Energy Policy approved by the School Committee and Selectmen.
  • Continue to monitor cost savings on in-house Special Education programs.
  • Continue efforts to establish a “maintenance trust fund” with matching funds from the Massachusetts School Building Authority (MSBA).
  • Continue work at the state level to maintain funding and on the federal level to increase financial support for the education of students from Hanscom AFB.
  •  Follow up with the MSBA on the status of a statement of interest application regarding Davis School.

For a comprehensive listing of all the goals in these six areas, visit: