The great Davis School potato harvest

Submitted by school garden volunteer Meighan Matthews

The great Davis School potato harvest

Davis Elementary School has an extensive vegetable garden.  A number of classrooms planted things there this season including lettuce, tomatoes, sunflowers, beans, pumpkins, radishes, herbs and flowers.

The garden produced approximately 500 pounds of produce which was given to Gaining Ground Farm (which delivers all its produce to local food pantries, including the Bedford Food Pantry) and some students and teachers at the Davis School.

On Friday, September 21, Mrs. Davies’ 2nd grade class helped harvest a row of potatoes.  They divided the potatoes by variety and weighed them on the school nurse’s scale.  The harvest yielded 9 pounds of Yukon Gold and 11 pounds of Dark Red Norland, equaling 20 pounds of delicious, fresh and organic potatoes.

The harvest was divided among the students who took them home to cook for dinner.

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