Support Bedford Schools on Cyber Monday: Boxtops for Education Online

Submitted by Jenn Goldman, Boxtops Coordinator

Why brave the mall this holiday season?  If you’re like me, the noise and the crowds are enough to make you forget what you were even shopping for in the first place!  I have to admit, I wasn’t an online shopper until I took over this Box Tops gig and surfed around on their website to see what they had to offer.  I earned some free e BoxTops by playing silly Tetris and Bejeweled-like games and entering some sweepstakes; one of which I actually won!  I hadn’t even realized many of the places where I usually shop have joined together with Box Tops for Education to give money back to our schools through online purchases.

I still have my children cut out those little box tops off our Kleenex tissue boxes and the Toaster Strudel they wish they could eat every day for breakfast.  But a year’s worth of cereal boxes wouldn’t give me as many box tops as I earned from ordering our washer and dryer from Home Depot through Box Tops’ Marketplace.  People think of Cheerios and Fruit Roll-Ups when they hear Box Tops, but as the resident Box Tops Queen (as I have been referred as), this program is about so much more.  Some schools down South have already earned $25,000 for their schools this year!  It is truly a community effort and being that Bedford has been consistently rated one of the best communities to live in, it’s our time to work together to help our schools shine even more than they already do!

How do I do that, you ask?  This is the perfect week to go to and look at how the online shopping you normally do, can now earn lots of money for Bedford schools.  Go on, open a window and look while you read this!  First, click on “join” …and know that your inbox will not get filled with spam.  I am the coordinator for 2 schools and I only get 1 e-mail from BTFE every month or so.  Choose one of the Bedford schools to support.   (BTFE is a PreK-8 program which is why BHS is not listed.  Davis and Lane box tops are pooled together to support BEST.)  Then go to the “earn” tab at the top of your screen and choose “shop marketplace”. Click on “see all stores,” pick the store you want to shop at, and a second window will open that is linked to the BTFE site.

There are nearly 400 stores aligned with Boxtops for Education, so you’re bound to find some of your favorites.  Shop as you usually would and a portion of your purchase will automatically be credited towards the school you chose.  That’s it!  You should get an e mail after a few days thanking you for supporting the school with your purchase.

Being the bargain hunter I am, I enjoy using the “search products” option so I can just type in what I am looking for and BTFE will give me a list of stores that carry that item and their prices so I can comparison shop.  I don’t like to waste time searching through a bunch of web pages to find a good deal.  If I can get it at the click of a button, I’m going to choose that route every time!  A great way to find a good deal on the Harry Potter Lego Castle I needed last year and even the case of Scotch Tape I ordered last week!

If you go back to that “earn” tab at the top of the screen, you can find a bunch of other ways to get free eBoxTops that don’t require a purchase, like entering sweepstakes or watching a quick video.  These get updated every month with new ways to earn.  There are also printable coupons for those of you who do cut out box tops from items in your household.  We greatly encourage you to continue to clip them off of product packaging and mail them in to us if you don’t have school-age children.  Community box tops will be split evenly amongst the 3 schools.You can just mail them to:

Jenn Goldman, Box Tops Coordinator
c/o Lane School
66 Sweetwater Ave.
Bedford, MA 01730

They say “It takes a village” and it truly does.  Every dime earned from a box top will help improve the education of Bedford’s children.  So please set a reminder to go to the Box Tops page first on Cyber Monday and throughout this holiday season to support our outstanding school system.

When you’re ready to shop, think box top, and click to get started!