No Snow – No Santa? Will He Make it to Bedford This Year?

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By Peter Collins Brown

Hey kids, it’s almost time for “you know who” to come down the chimneys of Bedford. But, have you thought about how the weather affects jolly old St. Nick’s trip to your house? Many of you may be worried that Santa won’t be able to make it to Bedford because we have no snow this year. As your weatherman, I would like to tell you that Santa has the situation “in the bag” for this Christmas.

Santa begins his trip to Bedford way up at the North Pole. By Christmas, Santa’s home is covered in snow; that’s the perfect condition for a sleigh and eight reindeer to start out on their journey around the globe. As Santa heads south, the weather gets warmer. He must go places that aren’t always cold and snowy; he has to go to children who live in very warm places as well. Sometimes, Santa needs to make adjustments to his suit and sleigh depending on the weather he’ll see in different parts of the world. You probably think that Santa is always dressed in his heavy, red coat and boots. Well, just like you, he brings along a change of clothes when he travels to different places with different weather.

If you are in Florida, Santa might wear red shorts because it’s warm down there. When he travels to Hawaii, Santa often has to arrive on a surfboard! Not every place he visits is chilly like Bedford in the winter. Santa even has to go to Australia on Christmas where it’s summer! You might think that with all of these different places and changes Santa might get lost before finding his way to Bedford. Don’t worry! Santa’s biggest helper comes equipped with four legs, antlers and a shiny, red nose—Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer, who uses his bright nose to help guide Santa’s sleigh through the rain, snow and fog during his long night of flying. Rudolph’s nose can even tell if the weather is going to be warm or cold at the next stop. This gives Santa the chance to quickly change his clothes and transform his sleigh into any shape he needs for landing at his next house.

So, what about Santa’s visit to Bedford?

We’re probably not going to see any snow here for Santa’s arrival. It’s going to be very cold—so, Santa is going to have to be dressed up in his usual big coat. He may have to change his landing plans a bit, but Rudolph will let him know just what to do before coming to your chimney. Even if there’s no snow, he’ll make it! Santa has made it to Bedford for over 300 years—ever since there have been children living here, and he will continue to come to the houses of Bedford’s good little boys and girls. Remember, Santa always makes it everywhere. Whether you’re here or on vacation at Disney World, Santa will make it to you. The only thing that might keep Santa away is a boy or girl who won’t go to sleep on Christmas Eve night.

Ho Ho Ho…

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