Vacancies on Town Boards Seen as Incumbents End their Service

By Meredith McCulloch

Town elections occur in March, but citizens interested in running for office will need to step forward in January. So far two long-time Bedford office holders have announced that they are not seeking reelection. Anne Bickford who was first elected to the School Committee in 2001 is ending her twelve-year service.  Catherine Cordes, a Selectmen for four terms,announced recently that she will not run again.  Openings always occur in committees when terms expire, and there is often added interest when an incumbent does not choose to stand again for office.

Citizens interested in an office can take one of two paths to nomination.  They may be nominated at the Town Caucus or may collect signatures on nomination papers. Up to two candidates for each position may be nominated that night, January 20, and will be listed as“caucus nominee” on the ballot. The second path is to take out nomination papers from the Town Clerk and collect a minimum of fifty signatures of registered voters. Papers must be filed with the Town Clerk by January 20, 2013.

The caucus is not only an opportunity for a candidate to declare his or her intentions, but by the end of the meeting it is clear which positions as yet have no candidates. When that occurs, others may be encouraged to step forward and take out nomination papers.

Between now and the Town Elections in March, The Bedford Citizen will feature information about candidates who step forward. Please look for a special town elections section.

For details about Town Caucus see this previous Citizen article:

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