Project Adventure

Project Adventure at Lane School
Experiencing Project Adventure  – Image (c) Lane School

By John McCulloch

Project Adventure (aka PA) is a great experience that every fifth grader at the Lt. Job Lane Elementary School will love. It is part of the Grade 5 gym curriculum. Project Adventure is about challenges that people take, and the adventures are very challenging.

Examples of the challenges are the Grapevine, the Burma Bridge, and the Beam. I am a fifth grader and my favorite challenge is the Grapevine. The Grapevine involves climbing up staples that are stapled into a tree high above everybody. Once you get to the wires up above, the first wire you put your feet on, and the other wire is used to hold with your hands. At the point of the tree where the wires are connected, the climber steps off the staples and shuffles their hands and feet to the other tree holding the wires.

Project Adventure teachers Mr. Smith and Mrs. Post along with Ms. Lua and Mrs. Macdonald, make the safety of Project Adventure a guarantee. The challenges vary in a variety of ways. Some are high, some are scary, and some are hard because you need a lot of strength, lower and upper body to complete these challenges. The best part is it might seem scary, but at all times you are strapped to a harness. Mr. Smith and Mrs. Post teach you step-by-step on how to put it on.

I interviewed Mr. Smith and I asked him what his favorite part about doing Project Adventure was and he said “My favorite part of doing Project Adventure is kids achieving a goal or a challenge that they didn’t think were capable of doing.” I also interviewed Mrs. Post and her response to that question was “My favorite part of PA is watching students challenge themselves in a way they never have before and seeing how proud they are of themselves.” I also asked them if they could summarize Project Adventure, and their words were teamwork, strategizing, cooperation, communication, collaboration, trust, fun, empathy and challenging.

Project Adventure is an extraordinary adventure for fifth graders at Lane School; will build courage, strength; and is an amazing experience during the school year.

Editor’s Note: With thanks to Rob Ackerman, Principal of Lane School, for encouraging his students to write for The Citizen