Action Plan for Dangerous North Road/Chelmsford Road Intersection

By Kim Siebert MacPhail

Image (c) Google Maps
Image (c) Google Maps

The Transportation Advisory Committee discussed the steps the Town plans to take to address the dangerous intersection at the North Road/Chelmsford Road split where Renzo’s Hair Salon is located. Known to be the site of many accidents and high-speed near misses, where previous attempts to improve the intersection have not resolved the sightline problems, additional measures are being planned by the Department of Public Works and the Town Manager’s office.

Transportation Committee Chair Bob Dorer read excerpts from an email communication with DPW Director Rich Warrington about his plans for the intersection that include, first, an attempt to convince NStar to remove a double utility pole that impedes the vision of drivers traveling south on the Chelmsford Road (Route 4) as well as that of drivers waiting to merge from the stop sign on North Road.

“The North Road/Chelmsford Road issue is under discussion with our staff Traffic Committee,” Warrington wrote. “I am looking at removing the double pole before considering removal of the tree [at that intersection]. I thought that adding the [now installed] LED flashing red and yellow lights there would provide the necessary warning systems, but our drivers continue to amaze me. I will let you know when we get some cooperation with NStar on that pole.”

Dorer said, “I had a chance to talk to [Town Manager] Rick Reed and asked whether he could do anything about [the intersection]. He said he was planning to take a picture of it and send it to NStar to try to impress upon them that it was a high priority.

“It’s scary,” Dorer added. “You’ve got a pole and another pole and a tree. I’m all for saving the tree but [just] get rid of that double pole. It essentially creates a wall when you’re trying to see if a car’s coming [down Route 4] at 40 miles an hour when you’re about to make a left turn [at the stop sign].

“It is not safe,” agreed Bedford Arbor Resources liaison Jaci Edwards. “I’m delighted he’s looking at the poles first. I plan to go up and take a look at the tree myself because [the situation] is not safe.”

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9 years ago

Horrible intersection; should be a top priority for the town!

9 years ago

I think the angle of the roads is the biggest problem. Maybe something more aggressive is appropriate such as what was done at the South Rd., Loomis and Railroad Ave. intersection.

Thomas McDonald
9 years ago

There have been nasty fatalities there; why not a full traffic signal?

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