Candidates Appreciate Voters’ Support

Bedford's Town Seal
Bedford’s Town Seal

Several of the candidates in last Saturday’s Town Election expressed their gratitude for support from Bedford’s voters.

From Caroline Fedele, Selectman

I would like to thank you, the Bedford voters, for your tremendous support of my campaign for Selectmen.  From the moment I formally announced my intention to run all the way through to Town Elections this past Saturday, you were there every step of the way.  Some held signs, some put yard signs out, some wrote letters to the Press and many, many, many of you called, emailed and spoke to me in passing.  I am humbled by it all and so very appreciative of all of you.  I consider this opportunity to serve the Bedford an honor and a privilege.

I need to say a personal thank you to my husband, Rich and children, Shayla and Richie.  They have been the awesome home support necessary when running a campaign, they amazed me with their teamwork.  They understand and appreciate the undeniable part of me that loves Bedford and have confidence in me that the time I spend away from home will come back to our family, their friends and neighbors in many wonderful ways.

When I began this adventure, I promised to listen well, work hard and make thoughtful decisions to keep Bedford the amazing town it is.  I am energized more than ever and already getting to work for you.  Thank you all for your confidence in me.  I look forward to hearing from you along the way.

From William Moonan – Selectman

Thank you to all of the Bedford residents who voted at the Town Election.  It was a beautiful day, much different from the monsoon-type rains of three years ago, during my first successful campaign for Selectmen.  Three years ago I ended Election Day soaked to the skin; this year I came home with a sunburn!

I am honored to have the opportunity to serve Bedford as a Selectman for a second three-year term, and I congratulate all the election victors.

I also want to thank Rich Bowen, who wrote a Letter to the Editor on my behalf, as well as the 104 people who endorsed me in a “joint” letter.  I apologize to Rachel Murphy; she had graciously agreed to sign on with the 104, but her name didn’t make it on the letter.

Thanks also to the 75 homeowners who agreed to have “Moonan for Selectman” yard signs placed in front of their homes to remind residents about the Town Election.   They were put out after one big snowstorm, and then disappeared on Friday before the election during the second huge storm.  We are still trying to locate some that were buried in the snow!

I also want to thank retiring Selectman Cathy Cordes for her many years of service to the Town.  Her dedication and commitment to the community were evident in her hard work, first on the Capital Expenditures Committee, then on the Finance Committee and finally as a Selectman for the last 12 years.  I hope her skills and experience still will be available to the town in an appointed committee position.

From Amy Lloyd – Planning Board

I would like to extend my appreciation to the citizens of Bedford for coming out to the polls on Saturday to vote. I am honored that you have elected me to serve on the Planning Board and eagerly look forward to participating in my first meeting next Tuesday. Planning Board meetings are open to the public and I encourage anyone to attend at least one. I’d like also to give a special thank you to my supporters who held signs, wrote letters, hosted coffees, and not least, gave me warm encouragement in support of my candidacy. Finally, I’d like to thank all the candidates who ran for local office; we remain a healthy community because our citizens care and get involved.

From Shawn Hannegan – Planning Board

Thank you to the voters of the Town of Bedford for your confidence and support in my Planning Board campaign. I am honored and very pleased to have another three years to serve you. I want to send a special thank you also to those that helped with the campaign, whether it was holding my sign on election day, handing out flyers, a donation, an endorsement, or giving me words of encouragement. The process of running for office and talking to people in town only enhanced my appreciation of Bedford. I return to the Planning Board with a promise to do my best for our town.

From Debbie Kostas – Shawsheen Regional School Committee

I would like to offer my sincere appreciation to the residents of Bedford who voted in our town election.  Voting is one of the most important freedoms we enjoy in our great country, and it wonderful to see so many of you come out and exercise your right. I am grateful for the opportunity to have earned your trust and your vote.

It takes many dedicated people to run a successful campaign, and I could not have done this without you.  This has been a true grassroots effort.  Many Bedford friends hosted yard signs, helped deliver my literature door to door, forwarded e-mails, held signs, wrote letters, and offered me support and advice.

I want to also publicly thank The Bedford Citizen, Bedford TV, and The Bedford Minuteman for allowing the candidates a forum to inform and educate the public as to who we are and what we stand for.  I would also like to thank Mr. Donald Drouin for his sixteen years of public service on the Shawsheen Regional School Board.  We should all admire and appreciate his contributions.

It is an honor and a privilege, and I look forward to serving the needs and interests of our students and Bedford residents on the Shawsheen Tech Regional School Committee.  I am proud to serve Bedford, such a remarkable town, for the next three years.  Please always feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.


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