Joseph Dini – Candidate for Planning Board

Submitted by Joseph Dini

Joseph Dini, candidate for Bedford Planning Board
Joseph Dini, candidate for Bedford Planning Board

During my elementary school years I spent summers at the Giaccarini farm on Old Billerica Road.  My brother Bill married Anna who grew up on that farm.  Later during my teen years I worked as a gas station attendant at a service station that occupied what is now My Cleaners on The Great Road and scooped ice cream at a stand that was located on The Great Road when Staples is now.   In 1966, I became the branch manager of a bank that was located in the then Arrowhead Motor Inn on The Great Road.

The amount of change and development I witnessed in Bedford was huge.  The Commonwealth punched through Bedford creating Route 3, taking pastures, homes and cutting off part of the Town.  Two shopping centers were developed, part of the VA Hospital became a college, and housing developments sprung up everywhere.  Hanscom went from a fighter base to a SAC base to its current configuration.  The results of all this change are what has now become the character of Bedford.

The Planning Board is now completing a review of a Comprehensive Plan.  The decisions that the Board will make in the next several years will determine how Bedford will look, how neighborhoods will function, how diverse, how affordable and how accessible Bedford will be in fifty years.  Below is a brief outline of my professional career and I believe that the experience that I have accumulated will allow me to contribute to the decision process of the Planning Board.

Graduated with a BS Degree from Northeastern University and a MS Degree from Lesley University.  I planned and developed new divisions for companies such as GMAC and Merrill Lynch and held high-level management positions at these companies in the Bedford area. Elected to the School Committee while living in Lexington in the 1990s and became its chairperson.  Became a Master Teacher with the Archdiocese of Boston and a college instructor for management courses at several local colleges. Operated business in Bedford for a number of years, and have been a permanent resident for over fourteen years.

My wife Teresa and I are the proud grandparents of a Lane school fourth grader and we look forward to spending many years in Bedford with our neighbors and friends.

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