School Way Reconstruction Design “Ready to Go”

The wide-open space at the intersection of School Way at Elm Street and Maple is >>>
The wide-open space at the intersection of School Way at Elm Street and Maple Street  Image (c) JMcCT 2012

By Kim Siebert MacPhail

The design for the School Way reconstruction project that Town Meeting approved in April is now ready to go. Work will commence sometime this fall “before the snow flies.”

Trish Domigan of Vanasse Hangen Brustlin, Inc.—a multidisciplinary planning, design, engineering, and consulting firm familiar with many of Bedford’s infrastructure projects—reported the scope of the School Way work will include full-depth pavement, road realignment, formalized parking, landscaping, drainage, curbing, sidewalks on both sides of the street, and some minimal “enhancement” lighting. The area encompassed in the project has expanded from the original due to materials cost-savings, so that Maple and Elm Streets—as well as parts of Foster and Rodney roads—have been added to the School Way focus.

“We’ve updated the spec to include [Foster and Rodney roads], so the construction package for the School Way neighborhood project is going to include pavement reconstruction for these areas also,” Domigan said. “The pavement itself is in really poor shape, and the Department of Public Works is taking this opportunity to update the roadway in this part of town.”

Domigan also reported that, as part of the project, a stop sign will be added to the intersection of School Way, Maple and Elm streets. Although the work is slated to begin before winter, the final touches—such as landscaping—will wait until the spring of 2014 to be completed.

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