TOMORROW: July 4th – Celebrate Independence Day Locally, and Safely

Declaration of Independence Copy Up for SaleSubmitted by the Bedford Recreation Department and the Bedford Fire Department

Celebrate July 4th right in Bedford!

There’s lots to do at Springs Brook Park, and at 5 pm Dan Clarke, the Singing Trooper, will present the season’s first open-air concert  on the Mudge Way Town Campus.

Spend the day at Springs Brook Park

11 am to 2 pm: Free admission for Bedford residents (must show license or i.d.) entering the Park

  • Swim, relax and enjoy the day at the Park!
  • Discover the spray park
  • Play sand volleyball, tetherball or basketball
  • Try the waterslide
  • Explore the playground
  • Enjoy kids’ games and contests
  • Picnic in the shaded, sandy picnic grove beneath the old pines (grills available, concession available)

1:00 – 2:30 pm: Watermelon served  

Then enjoy a concert of patriotic music on the Town Campus

5 – 7 pm:  Early-evening Concert at 12 Mudge Way
Back by popular demand, Dan Clark the Singing Trooper will sing national anthems, military tributes, patriotic and broadway tunes, opera, Elvis and more from 5 to 7 pm.

Safety Cautions from the Bedford Fire Department

Medical, Fire, Health and Law Enforcement Urge the Public to Leave the Fireworks to the Professionals

State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan asks the citizens of Massachusetts to set a good example for your children and leave the fireworks to the professionals. Enjoy the many displays of fireworks supervised by local fire departments and conducted by licensed professionals. Children imitate what they see adults do and if you use fireworks, they won’t realize how dangerous they are. Not only do sparklers burn at 1800 degrees Fahrenheit but they also encourage the use of matches and lighters by young children.

State Agencies Warn Motorists Against Transporting Illegal Fireworks

While fireworks may be purchased legally in other states, it is illegal to bring them into or through Massachusetts,” said State Fire Stephen D. Coan. “The Department of Transportation (MassDOT) is helping law enforcement get the word out to the motoring public not to break the law by bringing fireworks back into or through the state,” he added.

MassDOT message boards will display a message on June 21-23, June 28-30 and July 3-7, reminding motorists that fireworks are illegal in Massachusetts. When State and local police make a motor vehicle stop also discover fireworks, they are required to confiscate the fireworks. In addition, there are fines for the illegal possession and for the sale of fireworks.

“The pyrotechnic industry with their marketing campaigns would have you believe that the fireworks they sell are ‘safe and sane’ when they are neither. The thousands of emergency room visits across the country from fireworks at this time of year prove that,” said Coan.

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