Letter to the Editor: Is Bedford Friendly to Pedestrians?

To the Editor:

If you have attended any Planning Board meetings, such as the author, you no doubt have heard the term “pedestrian friendly” thrown about.

To the best of my knowledge a pedestrian is one who gets around by walking.  Try walking around certain sections of Bedford without having to dodge bushes, trees and shrubbery that seem to think the sidewalks are for them.

Can someone explain to me what happened to pride in one’s property?  Let’s zero in on several locations which I assume are privately owned.  There is a rose bush on Elm Street that is not only taking up most of the sidewalk, but has a sister plant that hangs down in one’s face.  There is a shrub on Great Road that one has to duck under before starting [across] the footbridge over the Elm Brook.  On the other side of this footbridge one confronts a rose bush that thinks it owns the sidewalk.  Take a look at the weeds that grow along the Great Road sidewalk from Loomis Street to Roberts Road.

Who is responsible for the area between the curb and the sidewalk?  If I recall at one Town Meeting we adopted a Town by-law requiring a certain distance between the sidewalk and trees and other landscaping items that overhang a sidewalk.

Who is responsible for these by-laws being enforced?

If what we wish to achieve is a pedestrian-friendly Bedford, it appears that walkers may have to walk with a container of Weed Be Gone and a pair of pruning shears.

Peter Grey
Springs Road

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  1. I have been intending to write this very same letter for some time now. I walk my dogs daily and there are numerous other sidewalks around Bedford where there is no place for the pedestrian due to weeds and brush. In some places it is poison ivy creeping over half of the walk. Hoping homeowners and the DPW take note and make this a truly pedestrian friendly town.

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