Letter to the Editor: Searching for Missing Time Capsule!

Girl ScoutsBedford/Hanscom Girl Scouts will be celebrating 100 years of Girl Scouts in Bedford in 2014.  A number of activities are being planned to celebrate this milestone.  One of the things we are trying to track down is a time capsule that was buried, it is believed, during the 75th anniversary celebration twenty-five years ago.  The location of the time capsule is unknown.  So, we are asking the help of anyone in the community who may have any information about the time capsule or may know someone who was involved in Girl Scouts at that time who no longer lives in town and may have some information.

If you have any information or can help in any way, we would greatly appreciate it.  You can contact the committee at:  gs100bedford@gmail.com.

Marge Heckman
for the 100th Anniversary Committee

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  1. I know it is sitting on a shelf in the Bedford Historical Society’s office, and it was shown to all the 3rd graders this past June during the Walk of Bedford in the hopes that someone would come forward and claim it. Looking forward to turning it over to the Girl Scouts!

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