Selectmen Cancel Plaza Liquor License for Code and Policy Violations

By Meredith McCulloch

Bedford Plaza logoAt  a  hearing regarding the liquor license held by the Bedford Plaza Hotel, manager Sailesh Patel requested that the hotel be allowed to keep its license. “We are hoping to put in a quality restaurant and are exploring options now,” he said.

Selectman Moonan asked “Have there been periods of more than ten days (a time period stipulated in Town policy) in which the license was not used? “ “Yes, many,” Patel responded. “The restaurant has not been operational since 2006, but the license has been used for special events.”

Selectmen Michael Rosenberg asked  “Do you have a timetable in mind to restore public accommodation?” Patel replied that as the number of rooms being occupied by transitional families is going down, the hotel is moving more toward transient lodging. “There have always been some regular transient lodgers, regulars who stay for one or two nights.” He expects that 33-34 rooms will become available.

Town Counsel Robert Managioratti was present at the meeting to advise the Selectmen.  He reviewed the notice to Plaza Hotel from Code Enforcement, which gave two grounds for not renewing – non-use and failure of the premises to conform to the State Building Code.

He explained the options available to the Selectmen.  They could revoke or suspend the license. Suspension would allow the owner to maintain control of the license. He added, “[The Selectmen] could renew and then suspend, if you care to.  The consequence would be that license is not available to anyone else.”

Town Counsel said he understood that the board is trying to be sympathetic to a local businessman, but “If you don’t take an action it is automatically renewed. The Town has historically not renewed licenses for establishments that do not conform to the building code.  It has not been in use for any ten-day period and the restaurant has not been open since 2006, but the bar has been used sporadically.”

After some further discussion, Selectman Carolyn Fedele moved that the Town cancel the license as of January 1, 2014 on grounds that were outlined in the letter of September 4, 2013 to Bedford Plaza citing non-use and a violation of the building code. The motion was approved unanimously.

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8 years ago

I believe that building codes best serve the public and business when focused on health and safety. Latitude should be given to lawful businesses without overburdening use and occupation restrictions through zoning.

8 years ago

Finally some sanity with respect to the Plaza! Next step, actually enforcing the building codes.

8 years ago

This is great!! Thank you.

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