Think Good Kids – A “Complimentary” Project at JGMS

MandM-kids Submitted by Marly Bland and Maya Deperalta

The Think Good Logo - Courtesy image
The Think Good Logo – Courtesy image

“We are individuals, but we are all on one team.” ThinkGood is a way of life. Having compassion, empathy and helping each other.

This whole idea started when two girls, Maya and Marly, wanted to make a change the world. One day Marly’s mom, AnnMarie Bland, asked Marly if her and a friend wanted to extend her company, ThinkGood, to new levels. That’s when ThinkGood Kids was born. So we asked the principal of JGMS if we could start something at school. After that we went to the 8th grade science teacher, Mrs. Ferri for her help on a project that we wanted to start in the school with all grades which includes 600 students.

The overall idea is to teach people that giving and helping each other, being caring, compassionate and kind doesn’t take a lot.

The project that we wanted to start is what we like to call a “complement swap” it is where you take a compliment and write it on a sticky note. Then what you do is you stick it on a locker of someone that you don’t know. We want to make it like a chain reaction, where you spread the happiness around the school. Mrs. Ferri is helping us by making a sample card for all the students at JGMS, this sample card will have the complement (as an example) on it and then a line where you write a complement and put it on a locker.

Starting on Friday, February 14th, the point of this project is to show people that on the outside we are different but inside we are the same. And that helping each other can be as simple as smiling to another or giving a compliment. It can make a difference in someone’s life.

That is why ThinkGood Kids saying is “We are individuals, but we are all on one team together.” Our theory is “We are individuals, but we are all on one team together.” We came up with this saying and we thought that it would mean to people that we can only win small battles if we are standing alone but if we work together we can change the world. Maya and I really want to make our mark on the world!

Examples of Compliments are:

  • You are beautiful
  • You only live once, so make it count
  • Be true to yourself

is a social mission based company wanting to encourage and assist in people helping people. Currently the fastest growing community of people that want to “Do Good”, ThinkGood is replacing current antiquated processes with technology that will make helping each other easy, tailored, and rewarding. The company is disrupting volunteerism, creating an entire new population of people historically finding t difficult.

The network will be open to the public this year, but the company is accepting applications for pretesting. More information is available at or

ThinkGood Kids is a sub-brand of ThinkGood, but tailored to kids. The premise is to teach them that giving to others, having compassion and empathy is a happier way of life. This subset of ThinkGood was set up through the founder’s daughter and her friend.

Additional compliments:


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