Diversity: Let’s Change the Headline to “Acceptance & Understanding Flourish in Bedford”

Submitted by Howard Reubenstein

Let’s change the headlines from anti-semitism hits Bedford to “Acceptance and Understanding Flourish in Bedford”

Bedford-Embraces-Diversity_The recent incidents in Bedford were acts of ignorance not acts of violence or hate.  That does not mean they should be ignored, but Superintendent Sills, the schools and the police  have done a very good job of handling the problems so far.  They did not brush it under the rug — as one might fear could happen somewhere else. They organized meaningful and ongoing discussions. In other words, Bedford is handling this well.  To summarize in precise (but perhaps quirky) terminology: while the acts may have been anti-semitic they were not evidence of anti-semitism (e.g, 4th and 5th graders playing kill the Jews is ignorance on the part of parents and children).

Unfortunately, a huge audience has jumped on this, local Rabbis, the ADL, Channel 5 news and much broader news outlets.  If you Google “Bedford MA”,  anti-semitism is in on the first page.  Google “Bedford MA Jews” and anti-semitism is all over.  An outsider would think we have skin-heads running through the streets committing heinous acts.

Thankfully Bedford has responded to these incidents with openness and has taken the opportunity to engage in broader discussions of diversity.  The community is responding well, so let’s change the headlines.

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Judi Friedman Babcock
Judi Friedman Babcock
8 years ago

Thank you, Howard. I, also, think that the degree of the problem has been blown out of proportion. Whomever painted the swastikas seems to have enjoyed the attention given to them, as evidenced by one being painted right after a meeting.

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