Lt. Job Lane School Salutes Their Pair of Extraordinary Admins


By Lane School Principal Rob Ackerman

The week of April vacation has meaning beyond just a week off from school. Every year the third week of April honors the unsung heroes of schools…yes…the school secretaries. April 21-25 is officially designated as School Secretaries Week.

Of course I am guilty of being biased, and there may be others as good- but there are no secretaries better than Karen and Nikki Lua.

This mother-daughter team has been working in tandem at Lane for five years.  Anyone who visits Lane understands their value. Whether you are a new parent, new teacher, experienced parent, or experienced teacher, all questions can be answered at the Lane office.  In fact, it is not uncommon for me to yell questions from my office, knowing that either Karen or Nikki will quickly have an answer.

But I am not the only one….

Colleen Farnham, the school psychologist, said, “Nikki’s thoroughness, efficiency, and thoughtfulness make her an invaluable member of the Lane family; while Karen’s calm demeanor and kind words help to put a smile on my face during even the most hectic of days.”

Lane School guidance counselor, Jessica Smith, added, “To say that Karen and Nikki are amazing people to work with would be an understatement.  They are professional and work tirelessly to support both students and staff alike.”

Grade 5 leader Stacey Williams, when asked about Karen said, “Karen is a source of strength and encouragement when we need it most. She is a hard-working woman with many responsibilities, but she always takes the time to make students and staff feel valued. She is able to recognize the needs of both the students and the staff, and will do whatever it takes to keep the Lane School community well-functioning and happy. Her sense of humor is greatly appreciated, along with her genuinely kind nature.”

All school leaders know, secretaries are as important as any other position in a school.  Here is what it doesn’t say in their job description:  On occasion you need to be a historian, security guard, social worker, psychologist, referee, tutor, and maybe even a zookeeper (pet lizard in Lane office).

So next time you come by Lane, take a moment to thank two of the nicest and hardest workers in Bedford.  We are lucky to have them!

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