Bedford’s Chemistry Challenge Winner to Compete in Philadelphia in June

The 2014 You Be the Chemist winners -- Courtesy photo
In the spotlight: JGMS’s 2014 You Be the Chemist winners Gus Wiedey, Jasmin Yannix, Alan Wang and Chloe Lai — Courtesy photo

Submitted by Barbara Ferri

The 2014 You Be the Chemist State Challenge was held recently at Bedford High School.

You-be-the-Chemist600The  Challenge is an interactive academic competition that engages grade 5-8 students in learning with their peers (and their community!) about important chemistry concepts, scientific discoveries, and laboratory safety.

This year’s winner is Gus Wiedey, an 8th grader at JGMS. He finished 3rd in the previous two challenges and is excited to be going to Philadelphia in June to represent Massachusetts in the national competition.

Second place went to Jasmin Yannix, third place to Alan Wang and fourth place to Chloe Lai.

Congratulations to all participants! They should be commended for their hard work and accomplishment in making the state finals.

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