Another Record Breaking Year for BEST Box Toppers

Submitted by Jennifer Goldman Bedford Box Tops Coordinator

It was a fun week of parties at Davis and Lane Schools to celebrate another great year in fundraising through Bedford’s Box Tops for Education program.

Mrs. Cormie’s winning class at Davis School – Courtesy image

Mrs. Cormie’s class at Davis set a new school record, bringing in an astounding 7,011 Box Tops this school year. Mrs. Petersen’s class came in 2nd place with 3,084 Box Tops and Mrs. Sutton’s class came in 3rd place with 3,060 Box Tops sent in.

For the 2013-2014 school year, Davis earned $4,542.76! This money goes towards BEST/PTO (Bedford Elementary Schools Together) and funds many school enrichment opportunities, including visiting authors and other fun activities throughout the year.

Box Tops Coordinator Jenn Goldman, Assistant Principal Keith Kinney, Principal Rob Ackerman and Breena Daniels  joined Mrs. Williams’s fifth grade in celebrating the class’s 2014 Lane School Box Top victory – Courtesy image

For the first time ever, a 5th grade class won the yearlong Box Tops competition at Lane School. It was a close contest, but Mrs. Williams’ class won the contest, bringing in 3,089 Box Tops for the school year.

Brandon Gordon has been the powerhouse behind the winning classes at Lane for the past 3 years. Breena Daniell, Brandon’s mother, shared her secret of asking friends, neighbors, and relatives to send them their Box Tops each month. Their method certainly works as Brandon’s class has won the champion title each year he has been at Lane. It truly takes a village to support this wonderful program.

Box Tops earnings at Lane also support enrichment opportunities for Bedford’s children, like the visiting owls that came to educate and entertain Lane’s students. Mrs. Hebert’s class came in 2nd place with 2,555 Box Tops collected, and Ms. Love’s class came in a close 3rd with 2,487 Box Tops. Nice to see some fresh faces winning bragging rights!

Lane earned $3,044.58 worth of Box Tops this year.

The top three classes at Davis and Lane were awarded goody bags with fun prizes. The top class in each school was also awarded individual mini trophies. It’s always a fun culmination of all the hard work to raise money to benefit our children’s education.

As a district, we met our $10,000 goal!

We thank you, students, staff, families, friends, community members, and our dedicated Box Tops Committee members, (who each month give their time to trim and count thousands upon thousands of Box Tops!).

Even if you don’t have school-aged children, you can still support the schools by clipping Box Tops off of the packaging from grocery items or office supplies.

Box Tops can be dropped off at the Bedford Stop and Shop blue collection box across from the customer service desk, Town Hall, COA, BFC, or you can simply mail them to Davis or Lane School.

Be sure to watch Bedford TV News on Monday, June 23 at 6:30 PM (Comcast channel 8, Verizon Channel 38) for reminders of how you can help in this town-wide effort.

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