Depression Can Happen during Summer, Too

Submitted by Bedford Youth and Family Services

Depression imageFor many kids, summer break is a relaxing time filled with days by the pool, vacations, and time with family.  But sometimes the change in routine or expectations of the season can lead you or your children to feel depressed.

Depression and other mood disorders in children are often undiagnosed and untreated because they are passed off as normal emotional changes that occur during a child’s development. Early medical studies focused on “masked” depression, where a child often acted out or demonstrated angry behavior when depressed. While this does occur, particularly in younger children, many children display sadness or low mood similar to adults who are depressed.

The good news is that treatment can help.  A study reported in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that when mothers achieved remission of their depression symptoms through treatment, their children also became less likely to be depressed.

Because treatment for mental health conditions can improve not only your life but also your children’s, Bedford Youth and Family Services (BYFS)  is offering you the opportunity to take a screening for a variety of common mental health conditions, including a screening to take on behalf of your child.  The screenings are free, anonymous, and only take a few minutes.

To complete a screening please visit the BYFS home page on the Town of Bedford website or

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