The Future of Fawn Lake – Friends Organization Plans Meeting Later This Month

Fawn Lake, from Springs Road - Image (c) JMcCT, 2014 all rights reserved
Fawn Lake, from Springs Road – Image (c) JMcCT, 2014 all rights reserved

Submitted by the Friends of Fawn Lake

The rejuvenated “Friends of Fawn Lake” will be holding a meeting in late June to facilitate discussion about the future of Fawn Lake, location and date to be confirmed very soon.  The Friends of Fawn Lake will first do a brief presentation to provide some background information.  A meeting agenda will be sent out to aid the discussion.  Please forward share this article with those you think are interested in Fawn Lake.

What we know at this point:

  • The Town of Bedford Community Preservation Committee is coordinating an evaluation of the future of Fawn Lake.
  • The Town has allocated money for consultants who will present several plans/options, in the fall, as to what can be done with the lake and the costs involved.
  • One of the main concerns and costs for the lake is how to keep the lily pads under control.
  • There will be five (5) Community Preservation Committee meetings over the coming months, presumably beginning in September, to discuss the future of Fawn Lake.
  • The ultimate outcome likely ranges from letting Fawn Lake return to its natural state to dredging large portions of the Lake.

Here are some of the questions the Town of Bedford and the Friends of Fawn Lake will be attempting to answer over the next 9 months.

  • What is the most appropriate and cost effective plan to maintain Fawn Lake as the wonderful resource it is?
  • Should the Residents and Town of Bedford allow the Lake return to its natural state which is a meadow, swamp, and stream?
  • Do chemicals and fertilizers from storm water runoff contribute to plant overgrowth of the lake, can sustainable landscaping help the lake?
  • What efforts can be made by the community to improve the Lake, for example
  1. Volunteer to collect information and data to support the evaluation
  2. Volunteer to maintain the entire area such as trail maintenance
  3. Practice sustainable landscaping techniques in the Fawn Lake watershed and elsewhere

Please click on this link – – to check out and comment on the Fawn Lake, Bedford Springs MA facebook page, we would love the input, stories, memories, pictures, etc!!! Updates and various information will be posted on this site so check back often!

Links to additional information

History: and

Restoration Project:

Thank you,

Friends of Fawn Lake
(Carole, Laura, Schorr, Liz, Marijke, Beth, Linda, and Bill)

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