Did July’s Chestnut Lane Bear Hang Out in Bedford for a Few Days?

The black bear recently captured by a back yard security camera in the woods off Carlisle Road - Courtesy image
The black bear recently captured by a back yard security camera in a wooded area off Carlisle Road – Courtesy image

Special to The Bedford Citizen

It appears the black bear that made an appearance at a Chestnut Lane bird feeder early on the morning of July 29 may have remained in the area for at least a few days longer. A bear’s image was captured on a home game camera at 11:24 pm on August 3 as she/he meandered in the woods off Carlisle Road, but the homeowners just downloaded the camera’s zip drive and found the photograph on August 19.

“Our son installed a motion-sensitive game camera in the woods behind our house last Christmas,” said the homeowners who prefer to remain anonymous. “We’ve seen a lot of deer and other critters but never a bear, although a blurry image with two bright eyes that was captured on August 1 may also  have been one.” The homeowners are perplexed about the bear’s visit: “There’s nothing back there but trees and brush,” they report.

To read Dan Brosgol’s story of the bear’s Chestnut Lane visit click https://www.thebedfordcitizen.org/2014/07/31/bear-sighting-on-chestnut-lane/

To read the Town of Bedford’s July 31 caution about bears click https://www.bedfordma.gov/police/news/please-do-not-feed-wildlife

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