Three Up: Bedford Day Edition


By Dan Brosgol

What a shimmering and sparkling day we had on Saturday for Bedford Day. It was so beautiful that there isn’t really anything negative to share, so this time around I’ll only focus on the positives.

Danny Oates And The Seven Brosgols

Courtesy image
Courtesy image

It was a 6:45 wakeup for the Brosgols on Saturday morning, as my 5-year-old did the fun run at the track at 7:30 and all seven of us ran the Danny Oates 5K at 8:30. My 11-year-old clocked in at 24:08 and the rest of us crossed en masse somewhere after 34 minutes, as I was pushing two of the little girls in the double jogging stroller, my wife pushed the baby in the single jogger, and our 8-year-old ran his first ever 5K. I’m not sure if that’s a Danny Oates record for parents/kids running together, but it was an awesome thing to do and I’m very proud of my oldest’s time. Pretty soon the big boy and I will be racing each other, and I give it two years, or three years max, before he’s dusting me.

Three Cheers For Kindergarten Girls

Image (c) Dan Brosgol, 2014
Image (c) Dan Brosgol, 2014

More like thirty-three, actually. I had the great good fortune of marching in the Bedford Day Parade with the kindergarten girls soccer players, and it could have been one of the cuter things I’ve done in a while. The girls bided their time during the pre-race wait at Page Field by decorating their candy wagon with note cards and illustrations, and were generally happy, adorable, and constantly sneaking candy throughout the parade. But the cutest thing? Every few minutes, the coach would bring all the girls into a huddle, they’d put their hands in, and then yell “Kindergarten” as they reached for the sky. It was only about an 11 on a 1-10 cuteness scale.

The Most Popular Tent At Bedford Day

Image (c) Dan Brosgol, 2014
Image (c) Dan Brosgol, 2014

In the off chance you missed it, there was a somewhat successful movie called Frozen that came out last fall. And in that movie there was a minor character named Elsa that sang a forgettable song called “Let It Go” that a few little girls liked. The fact that the Ice Queen Elsa herself made an appearance at Bedford Day was probably the most memorable thing about the whole event for the little kids who went, and certainly created an inordinate amount of foot traffic at the Goddard School’s tent- brilliant marketing.

Happy Fall!

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Mark Colonna
Mark Colonna
8 years ago

Dan, as you can attest, Kayla Layton does an amazing job portraying Elsa! We had her perform at a fundraiser for this past Sunday, and had an overwhelming turnout and positive response. Kayla can be found on Facebook at ‘Precious Parties by Kayla’, for anyone looking to book her for their child’s birthday party, fundraiser or other event. -Mark Colonna, owner of Tresses Hair Salon, Rochester NH

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