A Pool-Player’s Lament

Submitted by Paul King

Paul King, one of the CoA's most ardent pool players - Courtesy image
Paul King, one of the CoA’s most ardent pool players – Courtesy image

The ranks in the pool room
Grow increasingly slim,
And the hope for improvement
Is depressingly dim.

Where are the replacements
For those who have left,
Leaving the rest of us
Sad and bereft?

Do they believe
That ridiculous rule
That “Gentlemen play billiards,
But only bums will play pool?”

Or that other old adage
That flirts with the truth:
“A good pool player
Had a misguided youth?”

Words such as these
Ring an ominous note
To prospective players
We hope to promote.

We play this game
At the old Center School,
Where it’s very evident
That gentlemen play pool.

A well played game
Can really make your day,
So come on down and join us
At the Bedford COA.

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7 years ago

Paul, Your poem is marvelous! I hope it encourages people to join you in the pool room.

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