Robert Schmalz Appointed to Serve on Bedford Housing Authority

By Meredith McCulloch
Dateline: December 8, 2014

Newly-appointed Robert Schmalz (r) with his wife and State Senator Mike Barrett (l) at September's primary election - Image (c) JMCCT, 2014
Robert Schmalz (r) , newly-appointed member of the Housing Authority member with his wife Anne and State Senator Mike Barrett (l) at September’s primary election – Image (c) JMCCT, 2014

The Selectmen appointed Robert N. Schmalz to serve on the Bedford Housing Authority to fill a term vacated by Peggy Sukoff. Mr. Schmalz will serve until the next Town Election in March. At that time the by-laws require an election to fill the remaining four years of the five-year term.  Schmalz indicated to the Selectmen that he plans to run to complete the term at that time.

On his volunteer application, Schmaltz, who moved to Carleton-Willard Village in  October 2013, said, “I am the beneficiary of a high quality of senior living. I would like to contribute my skills and experience to serve seniors in Bedford.” The Bedford Housing Authority is a five-member local board that is charged with providing affordable, subsidized rental housing for people of low income.

Mr. Schmalz has a wealth of experience in housing.  He was chair of the Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority in New Haven, Connecticut. He was General Counsel to the New Samaritan Corporation, which built and managed elderly housing throughout Connecticut.

In addition he served as President of the New Haven Legal Assistance Association, which provides legal aid to its clients and was a trustee of the Yale New Haven Hospital.


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