Great Moments in Science: A Tale of Six Countries – Bedford Library’s Winter Lecture Series

Submitted by the Bedford Free Public Library

Busch, Georg: Die andere beschreibung von dem cometen/... 1572. Erfurt, Germany, (1573).  Image (c)
Busch, Georg: Die andere beschreibung von dem cometen/… 1572. Erfurt, Germany, (1573). Image (c)

Professor Daniel Breen will present a six part lecture series on “Great Moments in Science” beginning at 2 pm on Sunday, January 11. with a presentation on Tycho Brahe and the “new star” of 1572.

Each Sunday will feature a different scientific discovery or breakthrough.

The series schedule includes:

  • January 11:  Denmark: Tycho Brahe and the ‘New Star’ of 1572
  • January 18:   Italy:  Galileo Tells Us How Things Move
  • February 1:  France: Lavoisier Casts the Phlogiston into the Fire
  • February 8:  England: Faraday Lights Up the World
  • February 22: Germany: Einstein and the ‘Annus Mirabilis’ of 1905
  • March 1: India: Chandrasekhar: When Stars Collapse

Dr. Breen began his affiliation with the Bedford Free Public Library with a series of  lectures on World War I presented in 2006. He has also spoken about World War II, the Great Depression, the American Revolution, Prohibition, Supreme Court cases and the Civil War. Dr. Breen is a professor of History at Newbury College who holds a JD from the University of Georgia and a PhD in History from Boston College.

Thanks to the Friends of the Bedford Free Public Library for sponsoring this program.  It is free and open to the public. Please contact the Library at 781-275-9440 or click on for more information.


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