Volunteer Opportunities on Town Boards and Committees

Submitted by Colleen Doyle for the Town of Bedford

VolunteerIt has been a very busy year in Bedford with many exciting things being done all over town.  Much of this is because of the amazing volunteers who donate their time and expertise towards positive changes and improvements in Bedford.

Each year in the Spring, terms are up for many volunteers.  Thankfully, most volunteers continue their work but many are ready to move on to new things.  This leaves openings on committees.  So, now is the time to consider participating in a committee that is of interest to you.  Not sure?  You are welcome to attend a meeting (all committee meetings are open to residents), visit the Town of Bedford website to learn more at www.bedfordma.gov,  and/or submit your application to be considered. Please click here for the application.

Current openings for Spring 2015 are:

  • Arbor Resources Committee – 2
  • Cable Television Committee – 1
  • Capital Expenditure Committee – 2
  • Community Preservation (this is for an at-large vacancy).- 2
  • Council on Aging – 2
  • Cultural Council – 1
  • Energy Task Force – 1
  • Finance Committee – 1
  • Trails Committee – 2
  • Transportation Advisory Committee – 2
  • Youth and Family Services – 1
  • Volunteer Coordinating Committee – 2

Is there another one you are interested in that does not have a current opening?  Please submit your application anyhow so that the committee members know that there are others interested in serving.  And, attend meetings to get your feet wet and learn what is going on in the committee(s) you are interested in.

We hope you will join us!

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