Bedford and Area Police Departments Celebrate National Military Appreciation Month

Submitted by John Guilfoil on behalf of the Bedford Police Department

Public Safety-BPDThe Bedford, Concord, Lexington and Lincoln Police Departments are acknowledging National Military Appreciation Month in May, in support of the United States Armed Forces, including those at Hanscom Air Force Base, which touches all four communities.

Hanscom Air Force Base, the headquarters of the 66th Air Base Group, acquires critical war-fighting systems which connect soldiers to resources like radar, communication and intelligence systems, command and operations centers and network infrastructure and cyber defense.

The Base provides worldwide support for more than 5,000 active-duty, Reserve and National Guard personnel, DoD civilians, contractors and 130,000 retired military and spouses who live in New England and New York.

Currently, the children of families living on Hanscom Air Force Base attend Lincoln Public Schools for K-8 and then matriculate to Bedford High School. Bedford is also home to a Veterans Affairs Medical Center.

“Bedford has and continues to have a strong partnership with Hanscom and military families both active and retired,” Bedford Police Chief Robert Bongiorno said.  “We have enjoyed the military presence as a vibrant part of our community and will continue to collaborate on mutually beneficial community initiatives.”

In addition to educating base families’ children from grades K-8, Lincoln is also home to much of the base’s housing facilities.

“Hanscom families are a vital part of our community here in Lincoln as residents of our town,” Lincoln Police Chief Kevin Kennedy said. “These airmen and their families give our country so much, and we are proud to have them here and have their children attend our schools, allowing us to give a bit back to them.”

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Lincoln Laboratory and additional select base operations are located in Lexington. The town and Hanscom often coordinate to screen individuals attempting to gain access to the Base.

“The Hanscom Air Force base is an important neighbor and partner. We have had an excellent working relationship which is improving wit new initiatives to share resources and training,” Lexington Chief Mark Corr said. “I also believe we have a common bond with base personnel. We wear uniforms, swear oath and allegiance to the Constitution, and we are dedicated to serving our communities with honor. Our reward is the satisfaction of making our community and country a better and safer place to live.”

“It takes a total commitment to be a military family, whether you are a soldier, sailor, airman, marine, husband, wife, or child,” Concord Police Chief Joseph O’Connor said.  “We are proud of our connection to Hanscom, and on behalf of the entire Concord community, I want to offer each of these men, women, and children a sincere Thank You.”

Congress passed legislation in 1999 designating May National Military Appreciation Month to publicly honor and remember the more than 90 million Americans who have served and are currently serving in the United States Military. This includes active-duty military personnel in every branch, the National Guard and Reserves, veterans, and all their families.

Each year, the President is encouraged to make a proclamation for National Military Appreciation Month reminding the nation to recognize the role the U.S. Armed Forces have played throughout history and in developing and protecting our country.

Officials chose May as the honorary month due to the number of days already set aside celebrating the military’s achievements — Loyalty Day (May 1), Victory in Europe Day (May 8), Armed Forces Day (May 16), Military Spouse Appreciation Day (May 8) and Memorial Day (May 25).

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