PMC Kids Ride Golden Ticket Flavors Debut at Bedford Farms on Saturday, May 30

By Julie McCay Turner

The 2014 PMC Kids Ride Golden Ticket flavors    Image (c) JMcCT
The 2014 PMC Kids Ride Golden Ticket flavors Image (c) JMcCT

A delicious fundraising tradition began several years ago when two popular Bedford institutions — the Pan Mass Challenge (PMC) Bedford Kids Ride and Bedford Farms – joined forces. One of the most popular items on the Kids Ride fundraiser each year, The Golden Ticket, generates competitive bidding and yummy treats for the community of ice cream aficionados.

Each year’s Golden Ticket winners get to create a flavor that is sold at Bedford Farms in advance of the Bedford Kids Ride, and each cone, pint and quart that the community purchases during the promotion benefits cancer research at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute.

This year’s Golden Ticket flavors are Grand Caramel Swirl, designed by the Puglielli family, and Nutella Swirl that the Resnick and Karson families created in memory of Linda Resnick.

“My kids wanted to come up with something they like and a flavor that will appeal to many people but is unique to Bedford Farms,” said Jen Puglielli. “We gathered their ideas, sent a few to Dave & Joe Venuti and they gave us feedback on what works or may not work.  Then the deciding factor was a taste test by my five children. That’s how we came up with Grand Caramel Swirl, a caramel ice cream with cookie dough chunks and chocolate swirl.”

Nutella Swirl has a provenance directly related to the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Linda Resnick died in March after a more than two year struggle with colon cancer.  When her good friends Sue Acton and Andy Karson won the PMC Golden Ticket, they in turn gave it to Linda’s husband David and teenage boys. “My wife had been treated at the Dana Farber, and really loved her oncologist there,” said David Resnick. “Raising money to benefit them is thus very important to us.”

A member of a square dance group that met at her home for more than 25 years, Linda Resnick made homemade ice cream for them every few weeks, until she was too ill to dance. “After dancing was done for the night we’d all have ice cream that Linda had made – she’d usually make a few flavors each week.  In recent years, her favorite flavor had become Nutella,” Resnick continued. “Because of this, my two boys and I decided that [Nutella] would be the best flavor to pick for the PMC Golden Ticket.”

The Resnicks, accompanied by the Acton-Karson family, went to Bedford Farms together to make the ice cream. “The whole experience has been great for us all,” concluded Resnick.

The PMC Golden Ticket flavors will go on sale at Bedford Farms from Saturday, May 30, until the Bedford Kids Ride takes place on Saturday, June 13. A portion of each sale will benefit the work of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute and the Pan Mass Challenge.

So, it’s time to get out there and enjoy: How often can you enjoy delicious ice cream for a good cause?

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