Selectmen Vote to Approve Minuteman Bikeway ‘Option 2’

By Meredith McCulloch

Interested residents attended Monday night's Selectmen's meeting to discuss the future extension of the Minuteman Bikeway - Image (c) JMcCT, 2015
Interested residents and department heads attended Monday night’s Selectmen’s meeting to discuss the future extension of the Minuteman Bikeway – Image (c) JMcCT, 2015

The ten-year search for a plan to extend the Minutemen Bikeway came to an end Monday night, May 11, when the Selectmen voted to approve the plan known as “Option 2, Shared Use Path.” It is the plan that calls for one 10-foot bicycle path that would accommodate two-way bike traffic plus a four-foot sidewalk.

As the Selectmen reviewed their thinking it was clear that safety concerns were paramount. Chair Mark Siegenthaler reported the finding of the town’s insurance group that there should be no increased liability for the town or area businesses since bicycle and pedestrian traffic are already in the area. A pedestrian light at Commercial Avenue was suggested. Selectman Caroline Fedele said she liked that the plan called for the paths to be on the side away from the bus depot entrance where buses would be going in and out frequently.  Selectman Margot Fleischman pointed out that, “To do nothing also posses a risk.”

Selectman Mike Rosenberg explained how his view had changed. “The last time I wanted to be sensitive to the businesses involved . . .  but it has come to my attention that Concord has decided to extend the bike path all the way to Great Meadows.  What had looked like a path to Route 62 in Bedford became a path to the Great Meadows and to the birthplace of the Revolution.” Once the Concord portion is completed, people will find some way to get from the Minuteman terminus to the Concord bikeway, he added.

Next steps will be to apply for funding for construction from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, a possible $1,000,000, to work with business and property owners along the route to obtain easements and/or land-takings and to complete the planning process. Town Manager Richard Reed estimated that completing the project could take from two to five years.

For a full description of the two options, see:

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Jeff Dearman
Jeff Dearman
7 years ago

Hey Bedford townie, Bike paths actually DECREASE Crime rate and get people into Nature. bike paths make it easier to get into the wooded areas and enjoy nature, and bike paths bring communities together. They also help towns economically and get people off the roads. Its a win win for everyone. The majority of the citizens are in favor of Bike Paths. not opposed . Only the scumbag nimbys are opposed.

7 years ago

All they are doing is rebuilding Railroad Avenue. This road is already very dangerous to even walk on, with school buses and trucks coming and going. No nature is being paved. Young folks leaving? Take a look at some of the new homes – most have families with kids.

Bedford Townie
Bedford Townie
7 years ago

Where is the citizen’s feedback? So many people are against this expansion, way to kill nature and pave everything. No wonder why so many young folks are leaving town like rats off a sinking ship. Leadership too out of touch..

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