Planned Residential Development Proposed for Yaukoes Farm on Evergreen Avenue

Architectural illustration for a possible Planned Represented by Melanson Development
Architectural illustration for a possible Planned Residential Development at 56 Evergree Avenue as presented by Melanson Development – Courtesy image (c) Melanson Development, 2015 all rights reserved

By Meredith McCulloch

On June 28 the Planning Board members responded positively to a preliminary plan for a PRD (Planned Residential Development) on Yauckoes Farm, a thirteen-acre parcel at 56 Evergreen Avenue, of which 10.6 acres was presented for development.  The developer described the plan as consisting of modest size homes arranged to accommodate the existing terrain. The design shows 19 colonial style cottage condominium units around a teardrop-shaped roadway with common land in the center. It allows for preservation of existing stonewalls, retaining walls and mature trees, which the Planning Board was eager to preserve. It also stays clear of two wetland areas. Seventy percent of the parcel would remain open space.

Additional images of the property in photographs by Bedford’s Assistant Planner Catherine Perry – click each image to see the full-sized photo

A traditional subdivision plan with larger houses along a single road going through to Wiggins Avenue was shown briefly, but attention quickly moved to the PRD, which the Board very much preferred.

The PRD units would have a master bedroom on the first floor, one or two bedrooms on the second floor, a front porch, and a single bay garage.  Chair Amy Lloyd encouraged two bedroom units with the expectation that larger homes would bring more families with children. The schools are already at capacity.

Other suggestions were made. Board member Shawn Hanegan inquired about lighting, and suggested a few pole-mounted lights in addition to those on the buildings. Jeffrey Cohen suggested that there could be an access road from Wiggins Avenue for safety vehicles, should the because of possible concerns about the length of the cul de sac. Assistant Planner Catherine Perry commented that there is an existing house that may be subject to a demolition delay by the Historic Preservation Commission

The property runs parallel to the Minuteman Bike path and is close to Wiggins Avenue.  A small parking area and a trail connection could accommodate people going to the bike path.

Click 56 Evergreen Ave for the Planning Board to see the materials presented by the developer.

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Pam Brown
6 years ago

Well said – pull up the drawbridge.

7 years ago

I would like to see at least a few 3-bedroom units. I think it unfair to discriminate against young families who happen to have 2 or 3 children. It’s up to the schools to make room, not the parents to plan their children by the size of the schools. It sounds like we are saying, Don’t move to Bedford if you have more than one child!

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