Transition Town Bedford Launches the Minuteman Reusers Exchange Program

Courtesy image from the Transition Towns Bedford Facebook page
Courtesy image from the Transition Towns Bedford Facebook page

Submitted by Frances Bigda-Peyton, for Transition Town Bedford

Does your business have useful but unwanted items in need of disposal?  Are you working for a non-profit wishing you could get some office furniture, packing supplies, or even services at no cost?

Now, that is possible.  Transition Town Bedford, a local environmental group committed to building community resilience by promoting initiatives that enhance the environment, community and local economy has recently launched a business/nonprofit recycling and re-using service:  Minuteman Reusers.  It is free and easy to join on Linked In.

Businesses would benefit by:

  • Decreased waste management costs by redirecting waste streams to reuse,
  • Obtaining materials for a local entity free of charge, and
  • Lowering transportation costs and shipping charges by buying locally.

The environment would benefit by:

  • Improved resource efficiencies and prevented consumption of virgin materials,
  • Decreased waste, and
  • Decreased pollution and greenhouse gas emissions generated.

The community would be benefit by:

  • Networking, and opportunities for exploring business prospects,
  • Decreased waste sent to landfills as re-use is maximized, and
  • Support of non-profits

 Businesses can list items, materials or services they wish to find or offer on the Minuteman Reusers  Linked-In site. Material examples include: left over/outdated inventories, manufactured byproducts, packaging materials, unneeded office supplies and furniture, arts and crafts items, idle equipment, etc. Experience has shown that a broad range of items can be re-purposed locally.

Non-profits are invited to join, listing current materials wanted and, eventually, service needs.

Transition Bedford hopes we will soon expand to adjoining communities, finding ways to use resources more efficiently and build a stronger community.

To learn more, visit  or email

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