Embrace Change

Submitted by Bedford Youth and Family Services

The Bedford Youth and Family Services logo, rendered by Bedford artist Kati Oates
The Bedford Youth and Family Services logo, rendered by Bedford artist Kati Oates

The only absolute constant in life is change. Yet, for many people, change of any kind is extremely hard. Fortunately, there are lots of steps you can take to help yourself adjust to change.

Some may work for you, but remember: You can always change and try something different.

  • Face the change. It can be tempting to pretend a big change is not happening and avoid it, but that’s not the best approach. You can’t embrace it if you don’t face it.
  • Get excited. Most likely, there is something – at least one thing – that is good about the change. Even if it seems horrid on its face, keep looking until you find that silver lining and embrace it. Focusing on the positive is an excellent way to approach all aspects of your life and change is no different.
  • Set goals. Figure out how you will best accept the change and set some goals. Perhaps if the change is to a new department at work, you can set a goal that after 3 months, you’ll have had lunch with at least three colleagues.
  • Remember: It will all work out. No matter how dim it seems in the beginning, you have to have faith. Remember the saying: There is nothing about a caterpillar that suggests it will ever become a butterfly.

Of course, if you are having serious problems adjusting to a change, you may be struggling with a common mental health condition such as depression or anxiety. You can take a free and anonymous mental health self-assessment at www.bedfordma.gov/youth under the “screenings” section.

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