“Bedford Memories” Community Screening on October 4 at the Library

Participants in Leslie Wittman's video "Bedford Memories" include
Participants in Leslie Wittman’s video “Bedford Memories” include (Top, l to r) Lois Pulliam, Joseph Damery, Barbara Clifford and Brown Pulliam; (Middle, l to r) Marcia Sternberg, John Filios and Donna Argon; (Bottom, l to r) Dorothy Ellis, Roger Thurell, Charles “Duke Steffanelli, and John Stewart – Image captured at the premiere showing of “Bedford Memories” at Carleton-Willard Village – JMcCT, 2015 all rights reserved

Compiled by The Bedford Citizen

Bedford videographer and personal historian Leslie Wittman will launch her newest project, Bedford Memories, at a screening in the newly-refurbished meeting room at the Bedford Free Public Library from 2 to 4 pm on Sunday, October 4.

A living history, Bedford Memories chronicles life throughout the last century as Bedford grew from a small farming community to the town we know today. “I felt it was important to capture these stories from the people who actually lived them, noted Wittman, “and then preserve them for Bedford’s future generations.”

Donna Argon, Barbara Clifford, Joseph Damery, Dorothy Ellis, John Filios, Brown and Lois Pulliam, Charles “Duke” Steffanelli, John Stewart, Marcia Sternberg and Roger Thurell shared their memories of a town that has been a wonderful place to live and work. Town Historian Sharon McDonald conducted the interviews, eliciting stories both personal and more widely known that paint a clear picture of small-town life in Bedford.

The stories share common experiences of living through the Great Depression, the Hurricane of 1938 and World War II along with happy memories of growing up at a time when playing ball in the middle of Great Road was commonplace.

Wittman’s prior projects included “What’s Cooking, Bedford?” to highlight varied culinary traditions among Bedford residents, and “World War II Memories” wherein a variety of  Carleton-Willard Village residents shared their experiences on the home front, and in service to their countries.

“Bedford Memories” was produced with the support of Carleton-Willard Village, especially Barbara Doyle and Stephanie Smith. Photographs and clippings came from personal collections and the archives of the Bedford Historical Society.

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Erin L. McCormack
Erin L. McCormack
7 years ago

I would so love to see this – but unable to attend. Hope there will be another occasion. More good things going on in Bedford. Thank you, Leslie (and Sharon) for doing this project – Bedford has a rich history.

Alissa Anderson
Alissa Anderson
7 years ago

There will be another playing at the Council on Aging in November!

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