Murphy, Brunkhorst, Hafer, Hacala, Mitchell, Cordes, Hanegan, Lloyd, McAlister, Fedele, and Moonan are Caucus Nominees!

Caucus nominees
Bedford’s 2016 Caucus Nominees – Standing, l-r: William Moonan, Amy Lloyd, Michael McAllister, R. Bruce Murphy, Emily Wood Mitchell, and Shawn Hanegan. Seated, l-r: Bea Brunkhorst, Caroline Fedele, Elizabeth Hacala, Abigail Hafer, and Catherine Cordes. Image (c) JMcCT, 2016 all rights reserved.

By Meredith McCulloch and Julie Turner

Voters ventured forth in Tuesday evening’s snow to participate in Bedford’s 2016 Town Caucus, nearly filling the large group instruction room at the John Glenn Middle School. Selectman Margot Fleischman chaired the meeting that named candidates who will be designated “Caucus Nominee” on the ballot for Bedford’s March 12 town election.

At the end of the evening, there were nominees for each position with three exceptions: One of two open School Committee seats, the Housing Authority, and the Regional School Committee had no nominee, although up to two nominees could have been voted for each open position.

Under Bedford’s by-laws, at least eight percent of those in attendance are required for a candidate to be named “Caucus Nominee,” but the arithmetic was easy this year, since each vote was unanimous.

At the end of the meeting Fleischman described the method by which nomination for any open seat, including those with a caucus nominee, can be achieved by petition. Nomination papers may be picked up at the Town Clerk’s Office no later than January 20 and returned there for certification by January 22 with a minimum of 50 voters’ signatures.

Caucus Nominees for 2016

Assessors1 three-year term

  • Bruce Murphy, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Mike Rosenberg

Board of Health1 three-year term

  • Bea Brunkhorst, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Anita Raj

Housing Authority1 five-year term

  • No Caucus Nominee

Library Trustee3 three-year terms

  • Abigail Hafer, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Bob Batt
  • Elizabeth Hacala, Caucus Nominee, nominated by Doris Smith
  • Emily Wood Mitchell, Caucus Nominee, nominated by Betsey Anderson

Moderator1 three-year term

  • Catherine Cordes – Caucus Nominee, nominated by Walter St. Onge

Planning Board2 three-year terms

  • Amy Lloyd, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Ron Cordes
  • Shawn Hanegan, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Lisa Mustapich

Regional School Committee, 1 three-year term

  • No Caucus Nominee

School Committee, 2 three-year terms

  • Michael McAllister, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Caroline Fedele
  • No Caucus Nominee for the second open seat

Selectmen2 three-year terms

  • Caroline Fedele, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Mike McAllister
  • Bill Moonan, Incumbent and Caucus Nominee, nominated by Mike Rosenberg

Bedford’s Town Election will be held on Saturday, March 12.

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