Bedford Family Collecting Used Bikes, Bike Parts for Bikes 4 Humanity on Saturday, April 2

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Boston Bikes 4 Humanity
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Bedford’s Nemirovsky family began involving their children in decisions for their charitable giving earlier this year. The very first “vote” in January went to a group recently spotlighted in the Boston Globe, B4H Boston – a chapter of the international non-profit, Bicycles for Humanity, that creates Bicycle Empowerment Centers in developing countries.

The family – Sergei, Lily, Nikita and Elizabeth — will be collecting used bicycles and bikes parts (or tools) in support of this grassroots organization on Saturday, April 2.

If you would like to donate a bike, tools, or parts

Please bring your used bikes, bike parts, bike tools or just a check made out to “Bicycles for Humanity – Boston” between 9 am and noon on Saturday, April 2, and  email for directions.

If you happen to know a bit about bikes you are welcome to stick around and do your thing (cleaning, repair) — it would be nice to send the bikes in good working order.

How the project began

In February, one of the girls’ book group read I Will Always Write Back — a powerful and true story of 7th grade pen pals, one from rural Pennsylvania and the other from Zimbabwe, and how small gestures can change lives.

“We decided to do more than just send money” said Elizabeth. “It took B4H Boston 2 years and $10,000 to fill a shipping container with 421 bikes that was recently sent to Botswana. We’re aiming at helping them fill the next one in one year. It will take a village for sure to make this happen!”

The bikes and the container all stay in Botswana once shipped. The container actually becomes the Bike Center, and local residents become trained in the art of bicycle repair and maintenance. The donated bikes go directly to needy citizens!

For more information about B4H Boston, the Nemirovsky family urges readers to follow one or more of the following links:

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