Faint Earth Murmur – New Work by Halsey Burgund at Harvard University

Courtesy image (c) 2016 all rights reserved
Courtesy image (c) 2016 all rights reserved

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Bedford sound artist/musician and composer Halsey Burgund is premiering a new composition for the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments (CHSI), a pecial exhibition gallery at Harvard University. Burgund was commissioned to create the new piece to accompany Radio Contact, an innovative exhibition on radio and related technologies

Faint Earth Murmur aims to resurrect the long-since-lost-in-the-Internet-age excitement and anticipation of physically tuning a radio dial to discover new stations and new sounds. The installation brings gallery visitors on an unpredictable aural journey of the past 100 years of radio via six themes ranging from politics, to entertainment, to sports.

The exhibition will be open through December 9 in the Harvard Science Center, CHSI Special Exhibitions Gallery (directions)

A recent work by Halsey Burgund launched in December, as part of Art Basel 2015, Miami, FL

About Harvard University’s Radio Contact Exhibit

Before the internet and social media, and before television, radio was the medium that informed, instructed, entertained, and connected people across cultures and geographic divides. Families gathered around the living room radio and listened together to Franklin Roosevelt’s “fireside chats” or to detective dramas like The Shadow. People of all ages tinkered with ham radios in order to talk to people across the country. Commercial, underground, and political networks broadcast to a far-flung society, giving voice to diverse ideas and music, freely available to all. Showcasing radio equipment from the Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments, this exhibition will examine the evolving technology and culture of listening, tinkering, and broadcasting.

Radio introduced millions to jazz, the comedic duo of Abbott and Costello, the iconic voice of newsman Edward R. Murrow, and the shock therapy of talk radio. Come and tune in to a radio culture and history that is still vibrant and yet being redefined on the Internet.

Support for this exhibit was generously provided by the David P. Wheatland Charitable Trust; the Harvard Museums of Science & Culture, and an Anonymous Donor.

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