Jeepers Peepsers: Voting in the 6th Annual Peeps Diorama Contest Closes on Tuesday, March 22

Special to The Bedford Citizen on behalf of the Friends of the Bedford Library

Group-1Voting will be open until Tuesday, March 22, and the Library will announce the winners and celebrate all things Peeps at 2:30 pm on Wednesday, March 23 in the meeting room.

The 2016 contest drew entries by residents of all ages, and a wide variety of literary allusions.

Drawing on local sports teams, famous novels and a variety of Harry Potter themes, this year’s dioramas show an amazing breadth of talent.

While we can’t show all of the entries, we present a selection of image captured by Sheila Albrecht for the Friends of the Library. Clicking on each image will show it at full size.

If you’re in the library before Tuesday afternoon, be certain to stop by and vote for your favorite, and (just a reminder) the community is invited to attend the awards ceremony on Wednesday.

Jeepers, Peepsers!

Click each image in the gallery below to see it at full size

Images (c) Sheila Albrecht, 2016 all rights reserved


Entries were submitted in the following categories by individuals, families and staff:

Grades K-5

  • New England Peep-triots by Brooke Kupfrian
  • Peep Cube by Andy Scoville
  • Peep-shi by Julia Giaquinto
  • Peep-side Out by Felicia Pellegrino
  • The Peep-ster Bunny by Josie
  • Peeps Party by Kassidy Traill
  • Peeps Puppys by Kaylee Traill
  • Peeps Sleep by Lucy Scoville
  • Shaun the Peep by Lauren and Veronica wu
  • Walking in a Peep Wonderland by Francesca Pellagrino

Grades 6-8

  • Alice in Peeperland by Nicole Hebert
  • The Gryffindor Common Room by Maddie McAllister
  • The Hungry Games by Tsoline Gevorkian and Isabelle Suggs
  • The Minion Show by Olivia Belbute
  • Peep Elementary by Narineh, Ana, Angela, and Noy
  • Peeper Pan by Mary Stewart
  • The Peeptorian Ball by Abi Van Praagh and Charlotte Livinston
  • The “Rock On” Concert by Audrey Leida

Grades 9-12/Adult

  • Bunnytown Peep-a-thon by Rich Donnelly
  • Hufflepeep vs Ravenchick Quiddich by Ainsley Muir
  • Opeepeyus and the Kyklops by Gabriel Alper and Liam Oates
  • Peeps in the Garden of Good and Evil by Nicole Ruggeri


  • Camp Fire by the Estrada family
  • Evie’s Peep Woods by the Scoville family
  • Disney Peepsar Inside Out by the McAllister family
  • Peep in the Box by the Stewart family
  • The Sneetches by the Armstrong family
  • Wizarding World of Harry Peeper by the Gedaminsky family


  • Summer Reading Sneak Peep by Nancy Tegeler and Bethany Klem
  • Peep-caso by Pam Aghababian

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